PHP Upgrade Help Desk


PHP is the programming language which is used to build the WordPress CMS. It was originally created in 1994, has been developed constantly over the years, and has gone through several major versions. The latest version, PHP7, being the most robust and powerful release yet. However, millions of people are still using older, less secure versions of PHP on their servers to power websites.

This raises a few issues for those people. When you run an outdated PHP version, you can’t take advantage of the latest features that have been built into the language, and you’re not protected against security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

This is why it's incredibly important that you stay up to date with the latest version. It's also not so straightforward to update your version to a newer one, so that’s where the PHP Upgrade Help Desk comes in.

At the PHP Upgrade Help Desk we will:

- Help you determine what version you’re currently running (if you don’t already know).
- Help you push the update button on your host.
- Revert the upgrade if it breaks something and make notes on what broke (if it’s not something we can sort in a button click or two) so that we can report it to whatever plugin or theme has caused it.
- Ensure you are running the most recent version that your site supports, and hopefully get you up to an actively supported version at the very least.

This meetup should last longer than an hour,
See ya!