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We are the Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN). WREN is an organization for women, bywomen investors, and about women. We help women move further, faster. Newbie or expert as long as you’re ready to be inspired, make new connections, learn about hidden opportunities,model experts who have done the work, and unlock your full potential as a Real Estate professional, join us!

This is a no sales pitch, no fluff meeting!

It’s authentic conversations and connections, priceless knowledge and real-life real estate hacks you need to succeed. When you put yourself in the same space as successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors you have a greater chance of becoming like them. So, how do women innovators and revolutionaries in real estate investing make their business go further faster?

Come to a local WREN meeting and find out.

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What some attendees have to say: “Amazing women talk about real estate, share resources and experiences andvery genuine teaching that happens. I always go home with something new... notes, propertymanagement. I encourage women to attend this amazing network of women. - Karla

“As you all know real estate is a male dominated world, but when I come hereI feel like women can rule the world. We are capable of doing so much. And I love the speakersthat they have brought because I can see myself in their shoes. If you are a woman that is at allthinking about real estate and you don’t know where to go, where to turn to I would suggestcoming to WREN and networking with all these wonderful women.” - Ruby

We created this community where women in real estate will excel and empower each other. Where we can share experiences, resources, develop and help one another grow both personally and professionally. And, just as importantly, have FUN while doing it!

We need strong women role models especially in Real Estate and entrepreneurship. We need women who have a voice and are able to share that voice in order to empower other women. We need to learn from those who have gone before us and are willing to help pull us along and show us the path.

We invite you to join us in a community of like-minded women who are ready to elevate their real estate game. Our members include developers, no money down investors, property managers, buy & hold investors, private lenders, insurance resources, lease option specialists, note specialists, title company contacts, and many, many more. WREN (Women Real Estate Network) is a national organization designed to help empower women in real estate to achieve all they can achieve and be all that they can be.

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The Secrets to Out of State Investing with Jennifer Beadles

Needs a location

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to purchase real estate in a different state than the one you’re currently residing in? Faced with the decision to either accept marginal deals or look elsewhere?

The possibilities truly are endless once you consider investing in places outside of where you live, plus it provides higher ROI, allows for more passive income, and provides security with location diversity.

BUT it can also be intimidating to invest outside of your comfort zone, especially if it’s in a region or location you’re not familiar with.

Maybe you have questions:
• Where to invest?
• How to find a local team?
• How to get started?

Jennifer will be sharing where she’s investing and finding HOT returns. How she goes about assembling a team and tactical advise on how to get started.

Register at www.WRENmonthlymeeting.com

Fast forward, now, Jennifer only invests out-of-state. She can make offers with confidence in markets she’s never been to, sight unseen. The possibilities truly are endless once you consider investing in places outside of where you live, allowing for a higher ROI, more cash flow, and provides security with location diversification.

Find out how she’s doing it! Register today! www.WRENmonthlymeeting.com

What: The Secrets to Out of State Investing
Where: You may choose to view via zoom or in person at 1745 W. Stella Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85015 (clubhouse)
When: Wednesday Jan 26, 2022
Time: 5:45 Arizona time - 8:30pm Members Only 6:30-7pm exclusive chat with Jennifer
Cost: $10.00
Members Cost FREE to members (find out more about membership at JoinWREN.com) - all others $20

At our LIVE IN PERSON meeting we will have wine, drinks and light snacks and we'll be networking after Jennifer's presentation.

At WREN meetings you meet other women investors, prospective partners, and mentors. You gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your business development. We care about your success.

The Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN) means that you are part of an unstoppable force of women real estate business thinkers. We create an environment where women in real estate thrive and excel! We attract amazing female real estate professionals, flippers, lenders, syndicators, and developers who want to empower and collaborate with other women and learn from each other.

If you have any questions please email [masked]

Register here today! www.WRENmonthlymeeting.com

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