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We start with brief introductions and encourage writers to fill out a one page bio sheet. Members will list what they are writing in what genre, and state their favorite and least favorite genres. This will aid fellow writers to know who share the same interests. Handouts are available to explain how members can share their writing using email to obtain feedback. This speeds up the critique process and saves paper and ink.

Fair Trade Cafe

1st Avenue & Roosevelt · Phoenix, AZ

What we're about

WRITE ON! is a group for serious writers who desire constructive feedback and are willing to work with other writers to get their works published. Members will only meet once a month. Between meetings, members will share their writing electronically or by swapping printed matter with fellow members by JOINING A SPECIFIC CRITIQUE GROUP! (See Overall Format below.) There are no membership dues.

MEETING PLACE: FAIR TRADE CAFÉ 1020 N. 1st Ave. Phoenix (free parking next door)

TIME: The first Thursday of every month from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M.

WHO CAN ATTEND: Anyone can attend who has written something he or she wishes to share.

OVERALL FORMAT: After attending an initial meeting, members will join one or more specific critique groups in the following genres.

FICTION: Children/Young Adult; Comedy/Humor; Crime/Mystery; Fantasy/Fairy Tale; Horror/Thriller; Poetry/Song Lyrics; Romance/Drama; Science Fiction; Screenplay/Stage Play; Westerns/Adventure.

NONFICTION: Animals/Plants; Articles/Essays; Biography/Memoir; Careers/Trades; Crafts/Self-Help; Gambling; Gardening; History; Hobbies; Legal/Law; Mathematics; Mythology/Folklore; Occult/Magic; Psychology/Sociology; Religion/Philosophy; Science/Medicine; Sex; Sports; Technical; Travel/Culture.

MEETING FORMAT: During the first half hour, members will introduce themselves and share any recent success and developments concerning their writing projects as well as background information concerning their writing.

BIO SHEET: Members will fill out a bio sheet and select favorite genres (as listed above). Members are encouraged to list published works s in progress. Lastly, members are encouraged to list general background information regarding their writing.

CRITIQUE GROUPS: After introductions, members will be split into groups who like to write in the same or similar genres. Though members can do a cold reading of something they are writing, our goal is to discuss critiques we have made of each other's writing between meetings. (Such critiques will be more comprehensive than can be done with a cold reading.)

LIKES AND DISLIKES: The word “critique” has a negative connotation, meaning a writer will only receive negative feedback. Members are encouraged to first state what they liked, either generally or something specific, and then point out problems.

PUBLICATION WORTHY: After time, a member will have gotten feedback regarding a specific work, and the member will have rewritten the work to fix problems and improve it. (It takes work to produce good work!) The final goal is to finish the work as best as one can. Other members who like the work may give it a thumbs up and state: “That piece is ready and should be published!”

EDITING: All writers need an editor! Although members will help each other with editing, members should also hire a professional editor at some point. It’s a necessary step to produce professional work.

PUBLICATION PROCESS: Once a member has produced a work that is publication worthy, we will explore various ways to publish—be it self-publishing or traditional publishing. Members will find it quite helpful if other members enthusiastically state a work should be published!

ELECTRONIC SHARING: To save paper and ink and time, members may share a page or a chapter via electronic means such as email and PDF files. This allows fellow members time to give a better evaluation and make notes—as opposed to making notes while a page or a chapter is being read. Once a member has read something submitted by another member and has given feedback, the email or PDF file will be deleted. New members will be given handouts on how to do this.

“Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.” Attributed to Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith, sportswriter, b. 1905 d. 1982.

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