What we're about

For all women* in tech who are managing people and/or leading teams!

We'll get together to hear prominent and experienced women in tech leadership talk about their experiences and we'll meet to listen to and mentor each other in small groups.

Tech leadership can be exhausting and confusing but it's also rewarding and stimulating. Let's learn from each other so we can grow faster and develop our own squads and a larger community!

*People who identify as women or non-binary.

Resources for women tech leaders:


• Lead Developer Conference NYC - 4/30

• Women in Tech Summit - Northeast Philly, 4/12

• CTO Summit - December


• The Manager's Path - Camille Fournier (a complete guide on how to be a tech employee from intern to CTO)

• Work Rules! - Lazlo Bock (Google's head of people on what works and what doesn't)

• That's What She Said - Joanne Lipmann (a guide to managing women and men without bias)

• Dare to Lead - Brene Brown (How to lead with authenticity - and up your productivity while you're at it)

• Radical Candor - Kim Scott (leading teams with caring and honesty)

• Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager - Michael Lopp




http://www.elidedbranches.com/ (or read on medium.com/@skamille or watch her talks @ camilletalk.com/)




• Female Career Advancement Summed up in One Usable Diagram // Janice Fraser // Calibrate 2016 (5/9) (https://youtu.be/SDIV8XV6Qrg)


Join a cohort of new managers: http://www.mgmtintensive.com/

Email subscription with talks from great engineering leaders: https://ctoconnection.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=dde57294dd0a4070e117a7611&id=627829b6b4

Engineering Ladders, Organization, and Templates for tech management:





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Dinner, Drinks, Discussion


Join the organizers of Women Tech Leaders for a casual dinner, drinks, and discussion about being a woman in tech.

Dinner, Drinks, Discussion


Join the cofounders of Women Tech Leaders for a casual dinner, drinks, and discussion about being a woman in tech.

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