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What we’re about

WYBTD (Will You Be There Darling?): Gay Men Who Wanna Have Fun

A free all-encompassing Meetup group for gay men who like to go out, be entertained and socialise. No more missing out on fun events because you have no-one to go with or are reluctant to go alone.

Covering all tribes from the pretentious culture vultures to the unapologetic trashy queens and everyone in between. Whether you are single, partnered or polyamorous there is something for everyone! We don't believe in gender stereotypes (such as masc/fem) or slut-shaming or body-shaming. We are all 'good gays' just maybe some are more shy or socially anxious than others.

All Meetups are organised by a friendly host whose prime responsibility is to ensure all new members are welcomed, introduced to the group and not excluded. We have very quickly built a great reputation for making everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

We don’t believe in boxes, labels or tribes - we are all QUEER! We welcome all MSM (men who have sex with men) regardless of where you belong on the GBTQ+ spectrum. So you are welcome to join us regardless of your social background, income, colour, ethnicity, disability, HIV status, size, age, shape or even hairiness. None of us are equal until ALL of us are equal.

We have been called the “non-judgemental” Meetup group and we are rather proud of that! We love ‘teenagers of all ages’ but we also love queers who want to act either their age or even older, which is why we have events for all ages and personalities. So let’s go out and do more things that make you forget to check your phone!

We believe in disconnecting (at least temporarily!) from our mobile-enabled, click-bait geo-social networks and reconnecting in a meaningful way through face-to-face socialising instead. After all, we live in our brilliant London culture bubble, where we're used to having access to the crème de la crème of entertainment every night of the week, so let's take advantage of it!

We organise Meetup events of all kinds such as art galleries, cabaret, cinema, comedy, dance, museums, music concerts, spoken word poetry and theatre - as well as clubbing nights, cruising bars, drag shows and even sex parties!

A typical weekend's activities might look like this:
Friday: WYBTD Social in a private members club in Soho
Saturday: Art gallery in the afternoon. Off-West End play or independent cinema in the evening, followed by Clubbing
Sunday: Brunch, comedy cabaret afternoon at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern followed by Horse Meat Disco at the Eagle.

So regardless of whether you prefer Hard On or Kylie (or both at the same time!) join one of the most all inclusive Meetup groups for gay men.

Here is an article about WYBTD published recently by Gay Star News:

Here is a discussion thread for members to write some short comments about their first time experiences with WYBTD:

If you need to know more - check out the testimonials on the 'group reviews' section here:

WYBTD's founder and main host, Michael, is a veteran of over 1,800 Meetup events! You can now find him on Instagram: michaelgaylondon

WYBTD started on 7 April 2017 and has already more than 6,700 members and a plethora of upcoming events - we have something most days, and sometimes three or four!

Will you be there darling?