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Waikiki beach yoga is an offering of Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii and Athena Medical Foundation (Honolulu- Oahu) - for members who live on Oahu permanently - joining as annual members

our group specializes keeping a space for the authentic practice of mindful yoga ....using the energies of raw nature - we are 5 star rated best beach yoga in Honolulu all our classes are outdoors, on the beach or in the wild jungles and cliffs. we offer an India trained mindful flow with only very experienced teachers - never new graduates of less than a year just trying to
teach for experience - we screen and train for the best teachers in Honolulu and Oahu -some with over 8 years experience to make sure every class is excellent and original in yogas greatest intent and benefit of a meditative time please join us if you are a resident and want to meet like minded positive folks get your moving meditation time in every week - only the will your brain - mind and body will truly see the benefits of that consistent practice


This group currently provides Morning beach and sunset yoga close to daily on waikiki beach /queens beach near the waikiki aquarium towards daimondhead
beach as well as social/ yoga/ meditation related get togethers.

very welcoming for beginners, as well as those experienced

please see our website to purchase packages and memberships- your first class price can go towards a package if you want to try a single drop class first


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What’s your operating in San Diego especially in areas of La Jolla coronado and delmar; with yoga hikes and mindfulness yoga excursions; MBSR courses

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