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How might we reverse climate change with market incentives?
To avoid the worst effects of climate change, we'll need to do more than gradually reduce emissions. This month we'll hear presentations from leaders in two organizations working together to reverse climate change at scale and discuss with them how it might be done. - Nori ( is building a new marketplace for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. - Propagate Ventures ( works with land owners/operators to design and install agroforestry solutions, which sequester carbon, for any farm or ranch. - Together, their models work to generate new asset classes for monetizing environmental services and accelerating the regenerative economy. 6:30 - 8:30 - Mingling - Introductions - Nori (Paul Gambill, Christophe Jospe, Aldyen Donnelly, Ross Kenyon) - Propagate Ventures Presentation (Ethan Steinberg) - How Nori and Propagate Ventures fit together - Discussion The Wait But Why article below serves as a great primer for the event, especially the first two sections, but the presentations and discussion will not rely on attendees having read it. This event is also available for RSVP on Eventbrite. Join us. Please RSVP in advance. Thank you!


101 Fifth Avenue · 10th Floor, NY

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    What we're about

    We're a group of curious people and readers of Wait But Why ( When we meet up, we either discuss or watch a presentation about the topics related to posts on Wait But Why.

    Alicia from Wait But Why emailed me and emphasized how important it is to emphasize how unofficial this group is. It's most definitely unofficial and is in no way officially connected to Wait But Why or Wait But Hi or Tim or Alicia.

    If you're unofficially (or officially) interested in Wait But Why and the things Tim likes to write about every sometimes, come out and enjoy some group thought and discussion.

    1.) Don't be a jerk. We'll be talking about things with others. If you're a jerk when you talk about things with others, we'll ask you to leave.
    2.) Don't soapbox. This isn't a platform for you to give a monologue or tout your company, opinions, idea, best friend's idea, best friend's mom's idea, or anything else irrelevant. If you monologue about something irrelevant or plug something irrelevant, we'll ask you to leave.
    3.) Do bring friends! We love meeting new people whether they read Wait But Why or not. The whole point of this group is to meet IRL and talk about big, interesting ideas.

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