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What could you achieve if you could consistently: • tackle the hard things first, • keep commitments to yourself, • cultivate optimism? Waking up your consciousness is the start to moving forward, faster --- with more fun, freedom, and joy.

You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, attended trainings and retreats. You KNOW what to do to change your habits of mind and behavior, you just can’t seem to DO it / stick to the plan / make a change.

There’s another way.

This way is a change in perspective, a “knowing”, a “grokking” that is available to everyone, that makes everything else easier. This change in perspective is called waking up.

IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO WAKE UP? (Of course it is!)

Organized by Dr. Jennifer Rivlin of Dr. Rivlin’s Leadership Coaching.


Learn, Share, and Be Inspired:

2nd Tuesday [Evening] of the Month - 7pm - Online Zoom Mini-Learning and Group Support around Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence Tools and High Performance Habit Building.

3rd Tuesday [Evening] of the Month - 6pm at Industrious in Ponce City Market - In Person Learning Session / Discussion that goes DEEP into awakening, the methods of awakening, and the connection between the awakened perspective and excellent leadership (and life).

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