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Betrayal trauma and the grief & loss endured from the collapse of a relationship due to a breach in trust is one of the hardest life events you'll ever encounter. No, you're not going crazy, 85% of women will endure this crisis and be left with unaddressed PTSD symptoms similar to that of a domestic violence survivor or a soldier returning from war. Put down the pint of ice cream, break the isolation and please read on...

If your ex/current partner's addictions, infidelities or patterns of mistrust have impacted your well-being and sanity, there is support! Until you are able to fully process your break-up and identify the trauma triggers, you may get stuck in the endless pain loop that will attract other unfulfilling relationships into your life. Sound familiar? The trauma from the loss of trust affects every part of your life; career, faith, friendships, identity, finances, intimacy, parenting, not to mention its fray on your physical and mental health. There is hope for an even brighter future when healing is done properly in a caring circle designed for women. Time doesn't heal all wound, healing does.

"Wake-up from Your Break-up" invites you to lift the heartache fog with a weekly support group that uses an empowerment model to bolster individual strengths while tackling the trauma & loss symptoms. Through facilitated discussions and a range of exercises, we'll help you reclaim your radiantly strong center and self-belief. Journaling, mindfulness, self-expression, movement and music will help reprogram your "trust triggers" while bringing you into connection with others. *All participants will need to share a brief phone consultation with the facilitator and sign a confidentiality waiver.

Facilitator & host Gena S. is a trained psychotherapist and learning coach who has worked with women worldwide on creativity, empowerment, trauma recovery and relationship issues. A renowned author, speaker and facilitator with certifications in expressive art and family therapies, she brings this much-needed offering to the Vegas Valley.

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