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Being able to calm down and find peace is a wonderful thing to do when life does not challenge you. Many people are now familiar with the possibility of doing this, whether through meditation, yoga or anything else.

But what about when trouble enters your life again, as it always will? What happens to the peace, the tranquility you are able to access when you sit in a quiet room, or are in the midst of nature? Where does it go then?

We are all busy, we are all forced whether we like it or not to live in a world which demands a lot from us. Challenging people, challenging work environments and the fact that we ourselves have certain ambitions, certain goals which we want to achieve.

Many people understand that it would be quite possible to leave it all behind and join some ashram in India, or go and seek some quiet, peaceful existence in a remote part of the world. You could rediscover what it means to be a part of nature and reconnect with fellow human beings.

But that’s not quite solving the problem is it. “I’m smart enough to know that things aren’t quite right - I feel alienated from myself, bogged down with the pettiness of day to day life, and yet I can’t seem to change anything about it. There must be a way of transcending my limitations without running away from them.”

And there is. Where you are is the perfect place to do so.

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