What we're about

This is a walking group first.

Looking for walkers who are interested in tasting different type of cuisines in NYC!. Members must be able to walk at least 3 miles in a walking pace of at least 2 miles per hour and be adventurous with varieties type of foods. Members can also explore many parts of communities within NYC by just walking. Organizers occasionally will also schedule "bring your own lunch" walking events without eating at restaurants. Please read the meet up page for information so that you are fully prepared for different types of walk distance and food that the group will share in each activity.

I can not guarantee that you will like all the food and walks.

** Covid virus is real and it could be risky to eat with a group of members especially indoor. Please be aware that you are eating at your own risk. Posting of your completed CDC vaccination card is a requirement before you are allow to attend each dinner. Your card will be deleted after each dinner either by you or the dinner organizer. If your meetup name is different from your CDC card, you must show your official ID card to each dinner organizer at the restaurant for proof.**

This group is not suitable for serious vegetarians.

If you don't want to have your pictures taken during the event and have them post in the group's meetup album, please feel free to let the host or the organizer know so that we can honor your request. Thanks.

Organizers could only give an estimated walk distance on each event. So it could be less or more miles. :)

Members are expected to complete each Walk Then Eat event that they RSVPed. If they don't, they will be marked as No Shows. Sorry, this is to discourage non-serious walkers from taking up the spots.

Liability Waiver:
Walking, hiking or outdoor activities have inherent risks. Your participation in my walks, hikes, carpools or other events could be dangerous and can result in serious injury, medical emergency and even death. You agree to participate in this event completely at your own risk and to take full responsibility for your own safety and well being. This includes Covid risk.


1.If you RSVP "Attending" but do not show up for three times, you will be removed from the group. So please change your RSVP if your plans change. Starting 1/1/2014, you must change your RSVP two days before the scheduled event by no later than 3 pm. It is considered a " No Show" when you change your RSVP from "attending" to "Not attending" after 3 pm.

2.For those on the Wait list, please change your RSVP if you can no longer come before the deadline. If you get moved up from the wait list to the attending list, you are expected to come. Otherwise, you will be marked as a "no-show".

3. To reduce confusion and time wasted from looking through menus, Event Organizers and I will ultimately choose the dishes from the menu for us to consume at restaurants; you may, however, give some suggestions of dishes, but these suggestions would not be guaranteed. Please look at the dishes that we list at each meet up menu carefully before you sign up. All organizers don't do special request from members.

4 Members will split the total food cost equally. Drinks/desserts are separate unless stated in the menu. If not, it is the individual's responsibility who does the ordering.

5. You are required to pay for your share of the total bill even when you did not get to eat all of the different dishes ordered due to any reasons.

6. Please be aware that the group eats in a family style setting (sharing food). No exception.

7. $1.00 per person meetup cost will be added on each event.

8. This meet up group is only for its members. So if you want to bring a guest, please have him or her join the group. Couples: Please join separately (individually). Thanks.

9. All organizers reserve the right to give priority to some members. We would like to give all members a better chance of attending our events.

10. Organizers are not tour guides and this is not a tour group. Please don't expect us to explain and educate on things that you see. We are just a walking and eating group.

11. No solicitation to members.

12. It is a requirement for all members to have their personal profile pictures with the group at all time.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Wai-Leng, Organizer of the group.

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