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Saturday Morning Walking Group - Walk With A Doc West Orange NJ 8:30am
We are in our 3rd Year of walks! Come join us, bring a friend or family member and GET HEALTHY! We are like minded individuals that wish to promote OUTDOOR activity and EXERCISE as an important and regular part of our lives. We participate in the nationally acclaimed WALK WITH A DOC program, where we always have a friendly doctor and or friendly medical staff members walking with you each and every Saturday morning from April through November. The Walk With A Doc team is OPEN TO ANSWER any and all questions you may have! Our walks are considered to be "SOCIAL IN NATURE", and are at "YOUR PACE". No need to feel you have to run or compete. Since we have OVER 600 members in our group, there is ALWAYS SOMEONE to walk and talk to "at your pace". The walks are just over 1 mile in length on a beautiful scenic, paved, flat path around the pond and takes anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to complete. Many members start early or go around the pond 2 or 3 times, however its usually once around for the docs. Again, it is at your pace. On thing that is absolutely true about this walk, it provides some amazing breath taking scenery throughout the seasons! On average 10-20+ people walk every Saturday! (in the Spring the group has been as large as 40+ individuals.) Will "rain" cancel our walks? NO!! It's is way too much fun to walk in the rain! YES seriously, we walk in the rain with umbrellas!!!! We have never had anyone get washed AWAY, nor has anyone lost their sugar coating! The real reason we walk?? Simply put, WALKING IS HEALTHY and we ENJOY THE CAMARADERIE! And the doctors that walk? The doctors are board certified Vascular Surgeons who most often prescribe a Walking program for all their patients. These doctors really "walk the walk" as they show their commitment to the community they serve! (They are also really nice, regular folk who walk with their spouses, children pets etc. They join the walks in a very, very casual and informal way often disguised in baseball caps and sneakers just like the rest of us. They are always willing to answer questions.) Is this a safe place to walk? Yes! It is one of Essex County's Secret Gems, attached to the Turtle Back Zoo! Absolutely magnificent place to exercise! How many years have you been walking? In our 3rd year of sponsoring walks, we remain totally committed participating in the national movement to better health! Medically Why do this ? We have said it before on many of our walks.................EXERCISE CURES DISEASES! Over the years, individuals always say.... YES I KNOW its good for me, I just did not know where to start! Start with us! There is NEVER a cost to join our walks, parking is free! Only the people, venue and the health benefits are priceless. Join Us! You will be SOOOO happy you did!!

Essex County Paddle Boat House

Cherry Lane · West Orange, NJ

What we're about

SATURDAY MORNING WALKING GROUP! WE ARE, WALK WITH A DOC, a nationally and internationally recognized initiative for getting people interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle.

April 2018

We are energized and thrilled to be starting our 3rd year of leading walks around the pond!

Do not feel that YOU HAVE TO walk EVERY Saturday, but most likely you will want to! On average we walk with a group of 10-20 individuals. There is ALWAYS someone to chat with as we walk. For anyone that might be a bit shy, reserved or quiet. This group is for you!

No speed limits are set, no competition to win, no trophies handed out..... it is JUST WALKING in one of the most beautiful scenic settings in the area. The walk is on a flat, paved surface and AT YOUR PACE!

Please see below the "100 Reasons To Walk"

See you on Saturday! (Rain or Shine!)

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March 2017

People simply walk at their own pace as individuals, partners or in groups and will even have an opportunity to walk with our doctors at a scheduled walking event! One does not need any special gear and no special rules, “Just Walk”. there is NO membership costs or fees to join us! WE are the Cardiovascular Care Group and we are committed to reaching out and improving the health of the population we serve! Come join us and Just Walk!


Our walks resume on Saturday April 7th at 8:30am!! It has been a long and cold winter, and we miss seeing everyone over the past 4 months.


You will be soooo happy you did! Once you get in the habit of walking "on Saturdays", you will tend to find a few minutes on Sundays..............and before you know it you will be walking, exercising, feeling better , sleeping better...........and curing yourself of many conditions and disease. See below, the reasons to walk!

100 Reason to Walk

Reduces blood pressure Lowers cholesterol Increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL or “good” cholesterol) ( Reduces heart attacks (by 86% combined with other factors) Increases efficiency of heart Makes our heart muscle stronger Lowers heart rate Strengthens lungs Improves respiratory function ( Improves cardiovascular endurance and performance Provides more oxygen to body, including organs and muscles ( Provides more nutrient supply to the body Reduces strokes (by up to 50%) Helps to alleviate varicose vein pain ( Increases your metabolism Stimulates digestion Makes digestion more efficient Stimulates intestinal movements, resulting in better elimination of wastes Reduces chances for colon cancer Strengthens and develops muscles Increases efficiency of muscles Benefits joints due to stronger muscles Helps maintain cartilage health in the joints Eases muscular tension Alleviates back problems Increases muscle flexibility and agility Improves speed of muscle contraction and reaction time Healthier skin due to the fact that skin pores open more during exercise, resulting in more efficient removal of dirt and impurities Burns up and removes toxins from body Increases blood flow to the brain Stimulates growth of nerve cells in memory center of the brain Improves various indexes of psychological functioning Enhances brain functioning by increasing the amount of oxygen available to it Increases sense of well being Increases resistance to pain because endorphin levels are elevated Increases sense of excitement because hormone epinephrine is elevated ( Alleviates boredom Lessens worry and tension Reduces stress by removing lactic acid from blood Alleviates anxiety and/or pain because tranquilizing effect of exercise lasts for several hours Enhances mood Excellent opportunity to enhance social network Boosts energy Improves self-esteem and self-confidence since body and mind are improved and strengthened Increases sense of self control Provides source of pleasure and fun Releases anger and negative emotions Reduces depression more effective than short or long-term psychotherapy Enhances coordination, power, timing and balance Boosts immune system functioning Reduces severity of asthma Improves functioning of organs ( Can relieve headaches Can reduce the urge to smoke because the adrenaline rush and stress relief from a brief workout can replace similar feelings smokers get from tobacco Burns calories Causes body to use calories more efficiently Causes weight loss Allows one to keep lost weight from returning Can act as an appetite suppressant Decreases fat tissue Improves physical appearance Enhances one’s image and opinion of the body Improves bone density and prevents osteoporosis ( Reduces joint discomfort ( Help manage arthritis Allows one to feel better about their bodies and enjoy sex more as a result Provides enhanced ability to achieve orgasm Allows for greater sexual satisfaction Can reduce or eliminate impotence due to increased blood flow Prevents or manages type 2 diabetes Helps insulin work better, lowering blood sugar Has a significant effect on fibrinogen levels Alleviates menstrual cramps ( Improves athletic performance Can add years to one’s life Enhances quality of life Reduces pain and disability Improves glycogen storage Reduces risk of developing certain types of cancers of the colon, prostate, uterine lining and breast and other chronic diseases Regulates hormones Allows you to overcome illness or injury more quickly Can lessen medical bills Reduces anxiety by causing fewer worries about health Creates better performance at work Allows one to stay independent as they get older Keeps health care insurance premiums lower Makes one more attractive to potential mates Allows for healthy pregnancy Increases energy Allows you to be more productive and less stymied by stress and depression Can help make possible increased income due to increased energy Allows one to become more familiar with their body and its functioning Can stimulate you mentally Lets one eat more without gaining weight Increases productivity at work Adds variety and spice to life Gives one increased ability to defend oneself and loved ones if needed Provides a natural high afterwards, such as runners’ high Provides heightened alertness Reduces inflammation


Please Join Us!

Dec 2017


As you know, we take a break from our "organized" walks from Dec 1 through the end of March, and will resume our walks again in April of 2018!

We ENCOURAGE you keep up with your commitment to a healthy lifestyle by keeping walking as part of your scheduled life.

Over the next few months, consider contacting Liz Brady with the "LET'S WALK" meetup group, as she organizes both midweek and weekend walks throughout the next few months.

We also would like you to know that you CAN WALK indoors at all the local malls, as doors open 1 hour in advance for "WALKING" before the stores open for business.

We sincerely thank you for participating in our 2017 walks and we look forward to seeing you again in April of 2018!

Have a safe and joyous holiday season!

All the best!


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