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Are you looking to get fitter, leaner and healthier? Would you like to spend your lunch times being active, burning calories and having fun with like minded people? If so, my 'Walk in the park workouts' will be right for you.
I’m a Personal Trainer who loves getting people active and enjoying themselves. My training is focused on the whole body, e.g. legs, arms, bums tums, and cardio. Sessions will be about 45 minutes. All fitness levels are welcome, go at your own pace and support one another. This will be a group where we all grow fitter & healthier.

I’ll be aiming to schedule at least 2 workouts a week, but if there is enough demand /or if other days and times suit others better, I will look at adding more sessions (Feel free to message me requests to help decide when would be best for you!). The location will be Reigate Priory Park.

I will schedule, the 45 minute sessions, at lunch time during the week, for those of you who want to maximize their exercise time whilst at work. I also plan to run sessions during the day for retirees and people with flexible working arrangements. The exercise is ideal for fitness novices and those of you who want to push yourself a little harder, either way you should feel comfortable knowing that you can go at your own pace. It is also a good way of meeting new people in a group that supports and encourages each other. Each session will be a complete body workout covering cardio, strength, muscle toning and flexibility. It will involve bodyweight exercises mingled with brisk walking, or running if you would prefer, to burn calories and keep your heart healthy. The focus is on you feeling fitter, stronger and leaner and also to have some fun!

The workout will costs £6.00 per session after your first one which is free!

What you’ll need to bring:

- a positive attitude, ready to push yourself a little and have fun

- come in your workout clothes

- full water bottle

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Walk in the park workout

Reigate Priory Park - In front of the café in the park

Walk in the park workout

Reigate Priory Park - In front of the café in the park

Lunchtime walk in the park workout

Reigate Priory Park - In front of the café in the park

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