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This group celebrates the birthdays of the inspirations for Chicago’s great streets, by walking the entire length of each street. The streets serve as a narrative thread weaving together disparate communities, industrial remnants and new developments, history and mystery. As of January 2016 we have crossed Chicago for 26 consecutive months, covering streets such as Belmont (11 miles), Lincoln (7 miles), King Drive (12 miles), Lake Street (8 miles), and Western Avenue (24 miles). Walks feature numerous stops at interesting locations on the way, generally chosen “on the spur.”

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Oak Woods Cemetery and South Chicago Ave

Robust Coffee Lounge

Meet at local coffee shop, walk through the Historic Oak Woods Cemetery then South Chicago Ave ending at Calumet Fisheries for lunch. Under 10 miles. We will meet at Robust coffee, walk .6 miles to the entrance of Oak Woods Cemetery and take a quick 1 mile jaunt through the cemetery. Jay and I checked it out last weekend. It took us about an hour to walk a mile as there was so many cool things to see but I promise we wont dilly dally this time. After all, this group is called Walking Across Chicago and not Dilly Dallying Across Chicago although some times we do dilly but rarely do we dally. If cemeteries creep you out you can always meet us at the entrance (67th and Greenwood) around 9:45 am. If you choose this option, please post on the morning of so we know to wait for you. Leaving the ghosts behind we will proceed west on 67th to South Chicago avenue (67th become Marquette just before we hit SCA) and head south east to 95th. I am hoping for good weather because one of my favorite places for seafood is at the end of this walk, Calumet Fisheries. They only have outdoor seating so if it's raining we'll have to rely on Mark to lead us elsewhere. Q & A Q: My phone did't come with any map app so I am relying on someone else to give me specific directions to the meeting place. A: http://bfy.tw/MDOd Q: How long is this walk? A: Refer to the first paragraph in the description. Q: Why is this walk on Saturday? You never schedule walks on Sundays. A: Not true. A quick look at the upcoming calendar shows plenty of Sunday walks where Jason is king. Q: I've already been to Oakwoods Cemetery and I'm over it. Can I start after the cemetery visit? A. Yes. You are an adult and free to hop on and hop off this walk whenever you please. Q: I can't believe this group is walking through the south side. Isn't this unsafe? A; This group has walked many miles through the south and west sides and, fingers crossed, no one has gotten shot. You are walking at your own risk. You can always stay home and binge watch shows on Netflix instead. Q: How long will the walk take? A: This walk will take as long as you want it to take. Although our public transportation is not as good as NYC's there are plenty of busses and train that will help you escape the walk if you decide to leave early. Otherwise figure 2.5 mph x 10 miles = I'm not good at math, please figure this one for yourself. Q: When the walk is over, are we walking back to the start. A: NO. We're not that nuts. Like getting to the start in the first place, you're free to figure out how to get home or back to your car on your own. Typically, at the end we stand around scratching our heads trying to figure out how to get to where ever we're going next. Those fortunate enough to have fancy map applications on their phones will usually assist with locating the nearest bus or train routes. Please, no pre-planning. Q: I really enjoy this group and can't believe you don't charge one red cent for events. How can all of this endless fun be absolutely free? A: Thanks for asking. The founder, Rob, generously pays Meetup to rent space in the Meetup universe. You can show your appreciation by chipping in a few bucks. Look for the green CHIP IN button on the left side of the PHOTOS tab found on the group's home page.

79th Street Walk

Dunkin' Donuts

This walk will start at the Dunkin' Donuts at 79th St & Cicero Ave, conveniently located at the western border of Chicago. We will walk through the community areas of Ashburn, Auburn Gresham, Greater Grand Crossing, Chatham, Avalon Park, and South Chicago before ending in South Shore. The walk will end at Rainbow Beach Park, which is located just east of South Shore Drive & 77th St. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/3FRamdcZgs52 Transit information: Directly served by the #79 CTA bus and the #379, #383, and #384 Pace buses.

Southeast Side Walk

Needs a location

We will be starting at the 83rd st Metra station in SOUTH CHICAGO. Hence the 10:13 start time. We will be traversing the south side neighborhoods of The Bush, South Chicago, The East Side and finishing up in Hegewisch.

Higgins Ave & Argyle St Walk

Dunkin' Donuts

The 361st Birthday of Archibald Campbell, first Duke of Argyll is on July 25. We will honor his birthday by walking down Argyle St. In addition, we will honor Van H. Higgins as well by walking down Higgins Ave. The walk will start at a Dunkin' Donuts in Park Ridge. We will then walk down Higgins Rd/Ave through the Chicago community areas of Norwood Park and Jefferson Park. After passing through the Jefferson Park Transit Center, we will then walk down Argyle St in Jefferson Park, Albany Park, North Park, and Lincoln Square before ending in Uptown. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/DcyKwA7H3X42 Transit: Within walking distance of the Cumberland CTA Blue Line station. Also served by the #81W bus and the #290 Pace bus.

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