What we're about

This is the largest divorce support group in the East Bay.

***this is not a for-fee therapist-led group. We are simply people helping each other***

This is a group for anyone who has been separated, divorced or split from a loved one and is needing support during a difficult time.

You don’t need to go through a divorce or separation alone. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, isolated, lost, nervous or hopeless even years after the event, we may be helpful. We believe having men and women in the same group helps us hear how the other gender copes and to provide different points of view. If you’ve made it to this point on this group’s page, you’re already taking a step forward and that's a good thing. Keep going and come to a session.

How we hold our meetings

• We meet every two weeks.

• In our meetings, members simply share our personal experiences with divorce, separation, and healing. Sharing is absolutely on a volunteer basis only.

• We ask people to respect each others' anonymity.

• Each member is asked to be respectful of the time when sharing their stories.

• We encourage members to try to arrive early, stay late and meet as many members as possible.

• We have zero tolerance for any harassment whatsoever or disturbing behavior, including unwanted advances.

Join our group if you...

• Are newly separated, split, or divorced from a loved one

• Have been separated, split or divorced at any point in the past and are going through tough times

• Wish to have support from people who are going through (or went through) the same challenges as you are

Thanks! Paul

Upcoming events (1)

Divorce and separation meeting at Larkey Park

Larkey Park

Bring a mask, chair, drink, and light coat. We will keep social distance and wear masks. Find us on the left, if you park near the swim center.

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Divorce Meetup at Larkey Park

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