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Winter Solstice Karmic Clearing Healing Ceremony
The Winter Solstice is a powerful portal into healing. Join us as we work with the cosmic solstice healing energies to clear karmic threads with immediate family members, ancestors, relations, and challenging people (our most potent "teachers") in our lives. We will also learn how to befriend and love our shadow side. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year, which gives us even more access into our own shadow. Our shadow is our known and unknown pain, hurt, anger, hate, and self-sabotaging ways. Whether we are conscious of our shadow or not, our shadow follows us around coloring all of our life experiences, so it is important to embrace and love our shadow side. Did you know that some of “your” wounds (shadow) are actually your mother's and your father's wounds? Science has shown that trauma is passed down through DNA, and your parents didn't just pass down their traumas to you. Your parents have passed the “family” trauma down to you unless they have done quite a bit of healing work. Many indigenous cultures say that doing your own healing work helps to heal 7 generations back and 7 generations forward since DNA is linked multi-dimensionally to all family members. We will work with the tools of forgiveness and compassion for others and especially for our self. Forgiveness is a powerful eradicator of karmic ties. When we have unfinished business with a soul due to powerful painful experiences, we tend to come back life after life in different roles to try and finally clear the karmic pattern. We will explore how people who hurt us the most are often our greatest teachers and on a soul level may even love us the most. Working with this cosmic perspective helps us to drop into forgiveness and compassion. We will tap into the wisdom of our inner child and our chakras to give our shadow a voice. Our shadow tends to grow unless we acknowledge it exists and deserves acceptance and love. What to bring: -journal -sacred object for the alter so it can be charged with your healing intentions (such as a crystal, photo, jewelry, feather) -water bottle Please arrive by 7:10 so you can be grounded and settled before we start the opening circle at 7:15. 7:00 Doors open: arrive, ground, settle, pet my dogs, connect with others 7:15-9:00 Opening Circle, Winter Solstice Ceremony 9:00-9:30 Free flow hang out time This event is donation based with a suggested donation of $20. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. A word about the venue: It is my home temple that I share with an incredible man and my 2 furry spiritual teachers, my labrador dogs, Moca and Lua. The house in on the corner of a cul-de-sac, so there is plenty of parking. About your facilitator, Rachel Hope: I am passionate about empowering people on their spiritual/healing paths. I have facilitated more than 30 healing oriented events over that past 4 years in the Berkeley area. I have been on my spiritual journey for more than 10 years, and things really got “interesting” after I went to Peru 3 times for medicine ceremonies starting 4 years ago. I am making a point to share information with people that I wish I had when I first started to have mystical experiences including trances, visions, flashes of light, and telepathic communications. I have over 500 hours of energy and bodywork training (mostly at Mc Kinnon Institute, Oakland, CA), and I received counselor training through Interchange Institute (San Francisco, CA). I am also a certified Emotion Code practitioner which is a powerful energy healing modality that clears trapped emotional energy from the body. For information about one on one spiritual guidance & Emotion Code sessions:

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1425 Camino Verde · Walnut Creek, CA

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    The spiritual path is also the healing path so this group is for anyone interested in exploring consciousness or letting go of energetic blocks in life. Each meetup will provide you with tangible tools as well as time to connect with others after the facilitated workshop. All events will be very interactive and hands on as much as possible for a more enriching experience. This group is for you if you are interested in:

    -Cultivating your intuitive healing abilities working with yourself or others

    -Exploring the nature of reality and the purpose of life

    -Communicating with Spirit Guides and Angels

    -Using crystals for transformation, healing & grounding

    -Healing childhood trauma that often keeps replaying in life until resolved

    -Self-care energy techniques such as chakra clearing and acupressure points

    -Free flow connection/massage/energy healing time after the workshops

    -Cultivating awareness of synchronicities (signs from the Universe)

    -Learning to listen to your intuition and what your body is telling you

    -Feeling more in the flow of life

    -Increasing your communication abilities with companion animals

    -Working with the power of forgiveness

    -Cultivating more self love

    -Creating a conscious, healing, loving parntership

    -Holistice lifestyle (mind body connection)

    -Vegan eating

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