What we're about

We teach traditional Chinese internal martial arts of Zhong Nan lineage.
These martial arts Hsing - I Chung and Ba Gua Zhang were passed down from Great- GrandMaster Wang Shu Jin who also passed down a Taichi Chuan form which incorporates his Hsing - I and Ba Gua and is recognized as our Cheng Ming Tai Chi Chuan form.
The Cheng Ming Tai Chi has 100 hundred movements. One of the major goals of Tai Chi is to circulate the Chi throughout the entire body when practicing the Tai Chi in this regard Tai Chi is the next step in the process first started with standing meditation in which focuses on accumulating Chi and opening meridians for improved Chi circulation Tai Chi actually circulates the Chi thereby nourishing the body and mind. The nourishment is beneficial because it balance the body.
This fundamental training axiom is what allows their practitioners to express the beauty of the Tai Chi while simultaneously providing a low - impact methods for strengthening the body’s Muscular, skeletal, and organ systems.

Tai Chi Fighting techniques are trained through a combination of form, application drills, and push hands, which itself includes a variety of push hands drills and freestyle push hands.

A major advantage of Cheng Ming style Tai Chi is in the flexibility of practicing the form. The students can practice the whole form in its entirely ,or break it down into component sections that can be practiced separately to save time as well as manage energy consumption.

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