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Walnut Creek Events is the perfect networking group for San Francisco East Bay professionals who want to connect with other professionals in Walnut Creek. Make new business and personal connections, build your network, find new clients, and identify business opportunities.

We make our networking events easy by having greeters at the door to not only welcome you - they introduce you to others, along with having events in elegant Walnut Creek locations, making it fun to meet new people. Read our reviews (https://www.meetup.com/WalnutCreekEvents/pages/Reviews/).

We keep you informed and connected to the best Walnut Creek networking, social, business, music and charity events - If we post an event, members of the group will be their to enjoy the event with you!

Our members include successful entrepreneurs, business owners, attorneys, bankers, real estate developers, physicians, technology gurus, sales and marketing experts and other professionals who live or work around Walnut Creek. Our events are attended by 45 to 75+ people from our groups on Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/WalnutCreekEvents/), Linkedin (http://www.linkd.in/WalnutCreekEvents), Biznik (http://www.biznik.com/groups/walnut-creek-events-after-work-social-and-business-networking), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/WalnutCreekEvents) and more.

Our organizer David Mitroff, Ph.D. (http://www.piedmontave.com/david_mitroff/) is the Founder and Chief Consultant of Piedmont Avenue Consulting (http://www.piedmontave.com/), which was built around his networking, marketing, and creative business consulting skills. David invites high level professionals from his expansive network of contacts, internet and social media groups, client portfolio, friends, and you to our networking events. David introduces the right people to each other resulting in greater business and personal growth.

We encourage and support businesses our members represent, however do not allow promoting or recruiting other members to sell third-party products or services. See our No MLM Policy (https://www.meetup.com/WalnutCreekEvents/pages/No_MLM_Policy/).

Join us! It's free and easy! You don't have to live or work in Walnut Creek to be a member - You just have to want to attend events in or around Walnut Creek.

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Virtual Happy Hour Networking Event | February 24, 2022

Online event

Networking is a key strategy for every profession no matter if you are a lawyer, architect, engineer, restaurant owner, general contractor, or designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Networking is not only good for your professional development, you'll also be able to enjoy yourself as you connect and exchange ideas with other business professionals in the Bay Area. Join us on Thursday February[masked], at 4:30 pm PST for our Virtual Happy Hour Networking Event, where we bring together individuals together, learn about other industries, and connect with other professionals.

Seize this opportunity, to connect with other professionals and take another step towards success. Join this event with us and you will see that it is worth it. There is always time for networking!

RSVP now at: https://virtual-happy-hour-february.eventbrite.com
RSVP on Meetup does not guarantee admission!

Event Details:
Hosted by David Mitroff, Ph.D., and founder of Piedmont Avenue Consulting Firm, Inc.
We'll start with introductions. Don't be shy! You never know who might be listening.
The event will be held on Zoom.
Share your LinkedIn profile with the group.
RSVP Now at: https://virtual-happy-hour-february.eventbrite.com

This event is going to provide you value by:

Providing connections from all around the globe and from different industries.
Learn more and connect with David Mitroff, Ph.D., and our team of experts.
David Mitroff, Ph.D. (www.DavidMitroff.com) is a sought after Business Growth Strategist who shares his secrets for creating successful brands that stand out and thrive. This includes entertaining stories from his consulting work. David inspires business professionals through his keynote talks on a wide range of topics such as how to build a brand with data-driven marketing, digital leadership: growing your online presence, and on the psychology behind building professional connections.

David Mitroff, Ph.D. is the Founder and Chief Consultant of Piedmont Avenue Consulting (PiedmontAve.com) who creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty and streamlines business processes.

He has given a TEDx talk and been a featured media expert for NBC, ABC, San Francisco Business Times, Hospitality Technology, California Lawyer, and more.

If you're looking for a business consultant, keynote speaker, executive coach, or marketing expert, schedule a complimentary call with David Mitroff Ph.D. to get started! Schedule your free consultation today! - Visit www.PiedmontAve.com

RSVP Now at: https://virtual-happy-hour-february.eventbrite.com
RSVP on Meetup does not guarantee admission!

Host and organizer: Professional Connector: A vision of Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc.

@ProfConnector @DavidMitroff

Professional Connector. A vision of Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc.

Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area-based business development and marketing consulting firm that creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty, and increases lead generation by leveraging new technologies and streamlining business processes. We organize and promote hundreds of Bay Area business social mixers to encourage networking, build personal connections, and promote positive business relationships.


Why & Who will benefit from this event?

Whether you are a professional service provider or a business owner, this event is beneficial for everyone. Come to seek ways to expand your network in a virtual world, while enjoying a drink of your choice.

How many people show up?

Our Virtual Events usually see anywhere from 20 to 400 people. We make sure people are open and approachable, regardless of how many people show up. You will be able to meet and talk to anyone; our greeters will be there to make introductions and keep things moving.

What to Bring:

Make sure you have your LinkedIn profile ready. Create a short link for your profile, such as: linkedin.com/in/davidmitroff

How to Dress:

It's a virtual event so you may dress as you like, but we all look good when we dress professionally. We always take pictures at our events, so you want to look your best!

Photography & Video:

Our events and webinars are recorded for our Websites and Social Media sites. By attending our event, you give us permission to photograph, videotape, and otherwise record the event and use the resulting footage for promotional purposes. All participants at our events are beautiful people and are subject to be photographed and used to promote future events.

If you're looking for a business consultant, keynote speaker, executive coach, or marketing expert, schedule a FREE call with David Mitroff Ph.D. to get started!

RSVP Now at: https://virtual-happy-hour-february.eventbrite.comAn RSVP on Meetup does not guarantee admission!

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