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I have been looking for a meetup group where I can go and discuss and exchange ideas for building and sustaining high performing teams through agile methodologies, but have not come across any so far. There are much bigger groups like the agileboston and agilenewengland (and they are great and very nice people), but the frequency of meeting and the size of the group often does not result in meaningful and long lasting conversations that adds to my understanding and learning. I decided to create a meetup group and see how this works out and if there is sufficient interest to have such a group. This is a group for anyone interested in Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban etc) and specifically trying to coach teams to become autonomous, self-organizing and high performing. If you are experienced and are able to come and help people become better scrum masters - please do consider joining.

The topics can include (but not limited to):

- Personal experience with Agile and self transformation

- Organizational Agile Transformation
- Working with teams to help them become self-organizing and high performing

- Working with leadership to develop an agile mindset
- Setting up a team with initial process and ceremonies
- Techniques and ways to facilitate team collaboration
- Risk management and mitigation in an agile world
- Meaningful metrics to capture to monitor team progress and engagement
- Conducting meaningful retrospectives to enhance team learning
- Finally - and most importantly - how to keep the process boredom at check and keeping the environment lively by way of games and/or fun activities

The above are some things that I personally struggle with and challenged by and I would certainly appreciate insights and guidance I can get by way of conversations. I hope there are others who feel the need for a group where they can have these conversations.

All Experience levels are welcome. There is no location decided as yet - so join in and suggest locations where we can have this meeting!

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