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Get into hiking and maybe a little overnight camping while meeting other wanderers. I am a slow hiker and don’t enjoy the pressure of trying to stay up with the moderate to fast hikers. This group is specifically for those hikers who may be slow, are not in a rush to get to the destination, or new to hiking and would like to try a few slower paced hikes before you jump in with a faster crew. If the weather is right and we have plenty of light to get back to our cars, I would like to spend some time at our chosen location sit down, stay awhile and enjoy the moment. All levels are welcome but be prepared for a more leisurely pace. Let’s WAnder the trails together.

We adhere to Pack it in - Pack it out and No Feeding Wildlife.

Disclaimer: Organizers are not professional hike leaders. We simply set up hikes and coordinate the carpool destination. Members are required to carry the 10 essentials on each hike. Participation is at your own risk. Serious injury or death can occur. As a member of Wander, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Wander Meetup group, its organizers, and other members from all claims of liability.

Donations are appreciated but not required and will only be accepted up to the amount needed to pay for this group (approximately $180) each year.

2018 Donation Total: $ 0.00

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South Hill Park N Ride - Across from Mall

SLOW Sunset Hike to Fremont Lookout

South Hill Park N Ride - Across from Mall

SLOW Hike to High Rock Lookout

I-5/512 Park-n-Ride - Behind McDonald's

Slow hike to Tolmie Peak Lookout- Eunice Lake

South Hill Park N Ride - Across from Mall

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