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Wanderlust; is a strong desire for or impulse to wander, or, in modern usage, to travel and to explore the world. (Wikipedia)

This is a San Fransisco, East Bay Motorcycle Club for Everyone! Women, Men, Singles, Couples, anyone and everyone who love to ride, socialize and just have fun! YOU don't have to have a motorcycle to join the great club of Wanderlust (you just have to be over 21 years old :).

We only have a few rules; Safety, Courtesy and Respect. Safety for yourself and your fellow riders. Courtesy for your fellow riders, other vehicles on the road and the people we encounter. Respect for everyone we meet. You never know who your next friend will be.

Join Wanderlust and meet some of the most fun, caring people on two wheels. Sign up for a ride that can be just a few hours, all day, all weekend, or a multi-day adventure! We have done charity rides for Breast Cancer, Children's Hospital and soon a ride for ReSURGE International. Although it's free to join and maintain your membership, some events may include a nominal fee to cover expenses.

We evolved from a couple of clubs started in the South Bay by Valerie: SMR, Single Motorcycle Riders, a Singles ONLY club. As singles became couples, FoSMR - Friends of Single Motorcycle Riders was formed.

All bikes are welcomed. We have cruiser's, Harley's, sport, dual sport, sport touring and even Ted's dirt-bag bike. Passengers have a variety of rides to choose from. Bring your gear, pick your ride, and plan to have the time of your life.

If you enjoy the experiencing the great part of the country we live in on two wheels, join the Wanderlusters and be ready to have the ride of a lifetime.

Wanderlust: A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. We have the need to travel on two wheels, to not only see the glorious sights that await us but to envelope them, become one with the wind and the sun and the landscape. We seek the horizon, we long for the road, we desire the excitement of experiencing all of this with our friends. We lust to wander on motorcycles. Join the Wanderlusters and share the joy of the ride.
(Cathi Consolo)

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Murphy's Historic Hotel

Needs a location

A nice ride up to the historic Murphys and It's Wanderful Hotel for a bit to eat and walk about town.

Obviously weather permitting! Cold won't stop us but rain (remember rain?) might!

The route to Murphys includes Mountain Ranch and Sheep Ranch Roads which I need to find out the conditions of....the last time I rode on them they were NOT good, and now it's 15 yrs later! So if you know or know anyone who does please have them contact me.

This is a 5 out of 10 ride as far a difficulty is concerned

Meetup place; Starbucks, 4125 Concord Blvd, Concord, CA 94519
Meetup time; 9am for coffee and chit-chat, Tanks full please!
Safety talk; 9:30, miss the Talk and YOU miss the Ride!
KSU; 9:45

The route to; https://tinyurl.com/kk6b48ms

The route home; https://tinyurl.com/yft3bjan

This is the entire route; https://tinyurl.com/ytkrnw9v

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