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    Does anyone else feel socially awkward at this age? As a 29 year old going to meet-ups with the intention of creating friendships with amazing, diverse women, I find myself somewhere awkwardly sandwiched between the “I am in my early to mid 20's and single and ready to hit the town" crowd and the "I am newly married and/or babies on the brain crowd." Please understand, I do not say this with judgment or malice; I am all about supporting and empowering other women. It's just that in my experience, feeling this way has made it difficult to maintain strong connections. I'm not into going out to the bars (although an occasional happy hour or boozy brunch is quite enjoyable) and I don't want to talk about baby-proofing just yet. When we were kids, making friends was a no-brainer and a natural part of our development. All we had to do was play with each other on the playground or just walk up to another kid and say, "Hi, my name is _____. Wanna be friends?" I know that if I did that now as an adult I wouldn't get quite the same positive reaction (weirdo!). I have created this group in hopes of finding women around my age who can relate and are interested in having meaningful friendships by just plain old hangin' out and talking, shopping, concerts, TV binges, cooking classes, fitness and other self-improvement activities, and more....but still like to be at home on their couches at a reasonable hour:-) Hi, my name is Alyssa. Wanna be friends?

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