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Wannabe Music is a community project set in the New York City area for all ages that is meant to help you collaborate with other musicians and singers. Our services include a website which allows you to add or search for other musicians and singers, contact them discreetly, and help reserve spaces or hold events for musicians to play.

Our goal is to empower you to play music or sing within the community (professional or jamming), and enable you to be an expressed individual through music. Allow you to find a level of individuality that will allow you to change your life, to feel self-expressed, and enable you to live your life powerfully.

In addition, as well as self-expression and empowering you as an individual, Wannabe Music believes playing music or singing with others allows you to work together with your community to take on whatever you want in life. You can be a source of inspiration for yourself and for others in your life as well as living your personal dreams.

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