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What we’re about

Learn with others in the community: This meetup is a regular opportunity to learn the basics of Wardley Mapping, get practical mapping experience on issues that matter and explore your most important questions with others.

Meetups will include:
- Practice workshops: work with others to refine your maps, and get feedback
- Study groups: discussing the free Wardley mapping book and other resources
- Experience reports: talks and topics from members

It will be held online, on a regular schedule, and you can join the group at any time.

Wardley Mapping is a tool for strategic intent that supports you in your role as a knower, communicator, and leader. Wardley maps are named after Simon Wardley who created them in 2005. To learn more start here:

If you'd like to help facilitate sessions or have topics you would like to suggest please reach out to, twitter @agileben.