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Are You A Warrior of Peace?
I am Steve Roger Phillips, I am part of a new movement of warriors of peace, who are the change they wish to see in the world!

We are a new breed of conscious entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, business owners, and individuals who do what we love and love what we do.

We invest in ourselves so that we are full up and able to give to others. We get rewarded handsomely for what we do because we get results, FAST.

We are true to our word, we do what we do because we care, we may not be perfect but we are honest, empathetic and sincere and that is what counts.

Some people take years to get the results we get in weeks. According to the conventional world what we do seems like some kind of which craft but we do not care about that because it works.

We are committed to transform, grow and change ourselves so that we can show up fully for others!
We are warriors of peace and we do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
Warrior of peace manifesto

Warriors of Peace pride themselves on self-mastery.

Warriors of Peace have seen so many charlatans and because of this fight for the truth.

Warriors of Peace may not be perfect but they are on the journey to perfection cleansing themselves to become the best version they can.

Warriors of Peace have deep wounds which they have healed and now use these wounds to their advantage in the form of empathy and compassion to others knowing and understanding where they are coming from.

Warriors of Peace keep on keeping on, getting over themselves to offer service to others as this is what gives them their juice!

Warriors of Peace are beacons of light for others, trust and integrity is their attractive force.

With so many so called experts talking the talk, warriors of peace walk the walk and allow their integrity and values to dictate their destiny.

Warriors of Peace

Stand for what is right

Empathise with others

Are on purpose

And are agents of transformation

I am a Warrior of Peace! Are You?

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