The road to Spring 5.0 with Reactor 3.0 with Stephane Maldini

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So the word is out, Spring 5 major theme is Reactive Programming support, specifically, Reactive Streams ( ( To fuel that revolution, the same OSS teams behind Spring and RxJava are working on an independent engine : Project Reactor. In fact, it’s there to support a wide range of use cases from Spring Data, to Spring Cloud Streams, or even Kafka, Netty or CloudFoundry orchestration (!). This session is an invitation to understand what is Reactor, how is the support shaping up in various Spring-or-Not projects and comprehend our vision of end to end reactive streams. Interactions with the presenter will be encouraged given his participation in a bunch of these initiatives, and if you bribe him enough (with beers) he might give you some extra off-mic revelations.

About the speaker

Stephane Maldini is the Lead of the Reactor Project at Pivotal. A multi-tasker eating tech 24/7, Stephane is interested in cloud computing, data science and messaging. He is in a mission to help developers create reactive and efficient architectures on the JVM and beyond.

About the sponsor

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