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We talk about JavaScript. Every month in Warsaw, Poland.
Homepage: http://warsawjs.com
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WarsawJS is a local community of JavaScript professionals and enthusiasts. We meet every month to talk and debate about our favorite programming language. This community is focused on sharing experience from different fields on which JS is used, from web browsers, to servers, dev tools, mobiles, smart tvs, micro controllers, databases, video games and so on. We increase our collective knowledge, by building integrated network of skilled individuals and local companies. Join Us Today!
Are you interested in conferences?
Once per year we organize ConfrontJS: https://confrontjs.com

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WarsawJS Meetup #97 [JavaScript] - onsite/online

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WarsawJS Meetup #97 starts at 6:30 pm on Wednesday. We meet on-site. Free entry, three talks and networking with pizza and beer.

⚠️ The number of tickets is limited. ⚠️

Serdecznie zapraszamy na październikowy Meetup! Trzy świetne prezentacje i networking, podczas którego masz szansę poznać nowych ludzi zafascynowanych programowaniem w JavaScript. Nie zabraknie pizzy i piwa.

Zarezerwuj miejsce (bilet bezpłatny).

⚠️ Liczba biletów ograniczona. ⚠️

Agenda 📢
► Łukasz Borawski — Let's disenchant NPM packages
► Sergey Zamulka — AI in frontend development
► Krzysztof Łokaj — Large Scale Refactoring



🔖 Tickets: https://app.evenea.pl/event/warsawjs-meetup-97/
👉 Online streaming — https://warsawjs.com/live
🎤 3 talks
⚡ Lightning talks
🍻 Networking
Place: Daftcode, Warsaw Spire, plac Europejski 1,[masked] Warszawa


📡 Live streaming — https://bit.ly/warsawjs-meetup-livestreaming
🎬 Video on YouTube — https://bit.ly/warsawjs-youtube-channel


Sponsors 💰
➛ Callstack — https://www.callstack.com
➛ CD Projekt Red — https://www.cdprojekt.com/pl
➛ Daftcode — https://daftcode.pl
➛ Evolution — https://www.evolution.com
➛ Fresha — https://www.fresha.com
➛ Prisma — https://www.prisma.io
➛ Xfaang — https://xfaang.com

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WarsawJS Workshop #64 — JavaScript for beginners / intermediate

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