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WarsawJS MasterClass #9 - Performance


A workshop for people who want to improve their skills in performance optimization. The goal of MasterClass training is to make another step to be a true master - MasterClass. The trainer is a person with many years of experience in programming and teaching. There is no selection - the principle "first come first served" applies. Learning in a small circle.

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🔖 Buy tickets: https://evenea.pl/event/confrontjs-2019/

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• The internals of the JS engine
• What is the Critical Rendering Path in the browser?
• What are the main performance bottlenecks in a web app (and how to solve/avoid them)?
• How to monitor web applications both front and backend
• How to solve performance issues in your app
• How to avoid performance issues in your app
• Optimization Design Patterns
• See examples from performance improvements in production
• Understand how your code interacts with memory, CPU, GPU and more
• Performance facts that will make you the star of the next party you're going to

*** Note - this is an advanced JS session. Prior experience with JS is highly recommended ***

*** Note - this is a hands-on session. ***


Yonatan Kra — Software architect at WalkMe, egghead instructor and former CTO at webiks is going to reveal the secrets of runtime performance in the browser.


Engineering Design Center — Institute of Aviation was founded in 1926. It is one of the oldest research institutes in the country. In the years 1954–1997, the institute managed to obtain 390 patents, 53 protection rights for utility models and one right to register a trademark. Today as Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation it conducts scientific, research and design works on aviation and other technical fields where related problems appear.

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Workshop will be in english.