237. WJUG - Look Ma, No Hands - Manage Jenkins Configuration as Code


We are back. After summer break we lunch new season. This year? Focus on new tracks, new people and event more knowledge than ever. We are happy to announce that Warszawa JUG together with Warsaw Cloud Native Meeup invites everyone for next regular meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, October 09 at 18.15 at the Faculty of Mathematics of Computer Science and Mechanics, University of Warsaw (Banacha 2), room 3180.


- Look Ma, No Hands - Manage Jenkins Configuration as Code

"The ‘as code’ paradigm is about being able to reproduce and/or restore a full environment within minutes based on recipes and automation, managed as code.

Most Jenkins users already use this approach to manage the architecture and infrastructure for applications they build and deploy with Jenkins. But what about your Jenkins master?

Shall we store the whole JENKINS_HOME in a Git repository? Many use xml templates or Groovy voodoo to address this need. This year we release the Jenkins Configuration as Code plugin, designed to offer a standard mechanism to setup Jenkins, without needs to know either the Jenkins internals or any piece of Groovy syntax. Just mimic the web UI… as code."


Ewelina Wilkosz is an IT consultant at Praqma, her sharp eyes on her customers’ CI/CD infrastructure. Trying to automate all the things.

After the meeting we invite for networking in nearby club-cafe


WJUG started a campaign #call4people, hoping to encourage attendees to submit new presentation. The application form is accessible from our web site, https://warszawajug.typeform.com/to/L5ydtp . And if you need any advisory, assistance or review please reach out to one of the leaders during meetup. They will are very open to assist you.


#jenkinsci, #automation, #configurationascode