Distributed computing and spatial data analysis in Julia

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The workshop will take place during Supercomputing Frontiers 2019 conference, see https://supercomputingfrontiers.eu/2019/.

The goal of this course is to provide hands-on experience for computational scientists to leverage the power of distributed computing and simulations in the Julia language.

During the workshop we will present practical case study requiring massive computations. Both thread- and process- based parallelization in Julia will be discussed. We will also show how to create various types of distributed computational clusters.

The Julia language use case presented during the workshop will be a multi-agent, large-scale, vehicle routing simulation model that can be used analyze commuter’s behavior in large cities. The numerical simulations will be run on actual road transportation system data taken from the Open Street Map project.

The course assumes intermediate prior knowledge of scientific programming in at least one language (e.g. Python, Gnu R, Java or Julia). In the first part of the tutorial we will provide an introduction to Julia programming. No significant prior knowledge of distributed computing or experience with large-scale simulation models is required.

More details available at https://supercomputingfrontiers.eu/2019/tutorials-programme/