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Weekly "Journey into Self Awareness" small group meetings
Dear Friends, The "Journey into Self Awareness" program is given every Monday and Thurs. evening from 6pm to 8pm except for major holidays. Each person attending is guided through a step-by-step meditation process to develop the ability to discern the difference between a false belief or a story about their life and “what is” true from a point of stillness. This restores a persons natural happiness and mental equilibrium ... dramatically reducing daily stress and exaggerated emotional suffering! Each evening includes provocative dialog and conversation, guided Presence meditation, Self Inquiry and Thought Management exercises to develop and apply advanced skills of discernment and well being. With the application of these new skills we identify the source of our habitual habits that cause us to suffer and practice the process of of effortless Presence meditation which triggers the release of stress and anxiety so that we can become free and happy again on a deeper more meaningful level than ever before! And as we move beyond our limiting beliefs and judgments we begin to rediscover our essential Self... and the world around us and our life transforms. I invite you to join me on this Journey into Self Awareness! Please be sure to R.S.V.P. if you plan to attend. I will send you location details if you don't already have them. For more information, go to Gasho, Theo

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Journey into Self Awareness.

Provocative discourse, challenging Self-inquiry and guided Zen inspired Presence meditation... for those sincere in their pursuit of Self Awareness, personal transformation and Spiritual Awakening. In each session we explore the nature of Self and Reality. We address the question, "Who am I", examining how a fragmented mind and sense of separation causing dis-ease shapes our life experience, our internal dialog, our interpretation of past events and the way we communicate to the people we love. We analyze what it takes to re-invigorate the process of conscious Self Awakening!

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