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Meetup Suggestion... Watch Party HOSTS!!!
Hi All: This idea come from one of own, finding ways to get together more. Here is the idea, what do you think about asking all the charitable cable subscribers in the group to like maybe HOST watch parties. Perhaps we can link it to the 2012 election in some way. For those of you watching the DC/political/legal backdrop show "Scandal" the show is suggested, could be the starter show of such watch parties and banter! Let me know what you all think and those who would be interested to host a watch party! Best, Peggy

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Meet other locals from the Washington, D.C. area interested in running for public offices and working on political campaigns. Join us to network and discuss the unique perspective that belongs to future elected officials and campaign professionals like you and importantly to organize ourselves. The group is opened to every interested person who would like to join. However, minorities are highly encouraged to join to foster increase minority participation and voice in public offices.

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