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The Washington Butterfly Association is dedicated to the enjoyment, conservation and understanding of butterflies and their ecology through education and scientific understanding.

Founded in 1999, we have members all over the state of Washington. Our monthly meetings are in Seattle. They are held on the first Wednesday of the month in September thru December, then February thru May. We invite all people interested in butterflies to attend our meetings. Kids are always welcome.

Our topics are normally related to butterflies and moths. Occasionally we will throw in a meeting about some other nature topic. Examples are: binoculars, bats, dragon flies.

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Past events (202)

"How iNaturalist is Revolutionizing Butterfly Watching" by Neil Bjorklund

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4/5 – “Western Monarchs: The Importance of a Holistic Understanding” David James

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3/1 - David Droppers - Blues Identification

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2/1 - “Current Status of the Endangered Island Marble Butterfly”

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