What we're about


First, and foremost, this MeetUp is about our Members ("Cloud Technologists"). We strive to bring together the "best and the brightest" from an international field of experts towards the introduction to, comprehension of and practical application of all things related to cloud computing, its underlying and related technologies (http://www.meetup.com/Washington-Cloud-Computing-Meetup/about/).

GOAL: We aim to advantage our members, from beginner-to-intermediate-to-expert, with comprehensive understanding of the very broad and diverse availability, application and benefit of "the Cloud" and "Cloud Computing". The Washington DC Cloud Computing MeetUp therefore exists to promote understanding and application of cloud-based technologies for the betterment of our governments, enterprise business, our communities and our personal lives and global well-being.

What Our Members Can Expect:

• Internationally, Regionally and Locally Renowned Expert Presentations, Lectures & Webinars

• Hands-On Workshops & Hackathons

• Round-table and Discussion Panels

• A Dedicated Leadership Team of Cloud Technology Experts

• Full Immersion and Engagement of All Members as Equals

• Social Activities & Events to Foster Membership Growth & Relationship Building



* Please exercise a bit of patience : ) while we re-invigorate this MeetUp, as it was dormant without active organizers for the past year. A new leadership team is being compiled and every effort is being made to make this the most dynamic, enlightening and entertaining cloud technology MeetUp in the DC-MD-VA area!

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