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Whether you like to travel long distances or shoot close to home, we get out and make fun images at great locations. Some of the meetups are free and some are paid instructional workshops with seasoned professional photographers. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or pro, getting together with other photographers is fun and helps improve your photography.

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Vermont Winter Wonderland Photo Workshop

Focus, A Vermont Gallery

This is a paid workshop, before you RSVP please register at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/vermont-winter-photography-workshop/

I think winter is the most beautiful time of year to be a photographer. I love seeing the simplicity created by a heavy blanket of snow and photographing the clean lines and the pureness of the countryside that only appears in winter.

I have spent years driving the backroads of Vermont finding great locations for winter photos and now I will share them with you. Join me for this unique photographic experience as you learn the tricks and techniques involved in capturing those special winter scenes.

Transportation during the workshop is included, we'll travel together in Loren's 12 passenger van, if Covid protocol allows. Or you can opt to drive separately to the locations.

You will learn how to get proper exposures in the snow, which is one of the hardest conditions to get the right exposure. Once you learn how to photograph on a sunny day in the snow, you’ll never have trouble getting the perfect exposure again.

We will extensively talk about using geometric lines in your photos to improve your composition. Simplifying your photos by concentrating on lines can turn ordinary images into “wow” pictures. Winter is the best time to learn to simplify and what you learn will carry over into the rest of the year.

We will be based at my art gallery in Woodstock, VT, which is one of the most beautiful towns in New England. We will photograph historic covered bridges, one of America’s most photographed farms, rural scenes and classic small town Vermont.

Just so you know, I’m not one of those people who loves freezing, I know how to dress properly and I have found locations that don’t require a great deal of time outside the van. If you get cold, you’ll always be near a warm place to take the chill off. I’ll show you how to stay warm, including your hands and how to keep your camera and lenses from freezing or fogging up from condensation when bringing them in from the cold.

You’ll get a ton of information before the workshop to help you be prepared, it won’t involve spending money on lots of new things but maybe the right gloves. I’ll help you winterize your tripod for less than $5 so it doesn’t freeze your hands.

It is mostly a shooting workshop, we’ll start inside on Friday for about an hour as we get to know each other and talk about composition and shooting in the snow. We’ll shoot for the rest of the afternoon and then we’ll do light painting on a covered bridge at dusk. Saturday we are out at sunrise and shooting all day (with breaks of course!) and then after it gets dark we get together back at the gallery for pizza. Sunday it is shooting from sunrise until noon.

Although I can’t guarantee the ground will be covered with snow, Vermont is usually snow covered at this time of year. There will be snow at nearby ski resorts and plenty of great visual things to photograph. No matter the weather, we’ll be able to work on proper exposure and making better photos by visualizing the diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines that make for stronger composition.

For more information and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/vermont-winter-wonderland-workshop/

There will be attendees who are not members of this Meetup.

Vietnam Photography Workshop

Needs a location

A Vietnam photography workshop is certainly alluring. The mystery, ancient culture, wondrous landscapes, small villages and recent history all make Vietnam a location that photographers relish. Stunning scenes, friendly people and careful planning assure this will be a not to be missed trip.

Our 14 day photo tour to northern Vietnam starts in Hanoi and we work our way down to the old Demilitarized Zone that separated the North and South during the war. We’ll photograph all that Vietnam has to offer: temples, fishing villages, women making conical hats, beautiful ocean beaches, ancient sites, remnants of the Vietnam War and a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage area. We’ll cruise up a river and even photograph backstage at a unique puppet show that exemplifies the Vietnamese culture!

We’ll spend time in Hanoi and the surrounding area and then fly south to Hue where we explore the middle of the country. We’ll be on the go but have planned free time for relaxing, shopping or shooting on your own. You’ll probably be exhausted when we are done but it will feel great! This is sure to be a photographic journey that none of us will forget.

Loren is working with fellow photographer Sarah McGarghan, who has been to Vietnam several times, and a local Vietnamese tour company that is experienced in leading photographers in Vietnam. They have handpicked our guides, all of whom speak great English and love to share their culture with insight and passion. We have an action packed itinerary planned but we are always looking for more opportunities and will make last minutes changes if needed.

To see full itinerary: https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/vietnam-photography-workshop/

Who should attend:
Anyone interested in the Vietnamese culture and stunning landscapes will find this to be a memorable trip. Your photographic experience doesn’t matter, even if you shoot entirely with an iPhone you’ll come away with amazing photos. There will be some walking involved, especially if you want to explore the towns and villages, but there won’t be long, exhausting hikes. Rest stops, restroom breaks and meal times have been carefully planned. Loren and Sarah will be available at all times for professional photography instruction.

The weather
This is Vietnam, which is mostly jungle, but we planned the trip to be when the temperature is most moderate and not during the rainy season. It seems like it is always humid in most of Vietnam, so plan on doing a little sweating, but we’ll be in air conditioned vehicles and hotels. In the north expect plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies with little, if any, rainfall and an average temperature of 78 degrees. In the central part of the country the average temperature is 82 degrees and there are usually sunny skies in March. But we always want to be prepared for rain, especially for our camera equipment. It won’t be hot or humid enough to have any concerns or need for special precautions for your camera gear.

What’s included:
• Professional photography instruction with two professional photographers and local guide
• Transportation while you are in Vietnam, which includes flights and travel in air conditioned vans and buses
• Single occupancy lodging (a $500 discount is available for couples traveling together)
• Breakfast each day, lunch and dinner as listed in itinerary
• Entrance fees to locations on itinerary
• Pre-trip planning assistance including flight suggestions and help with visa requirements.
• Tips and gratuities

Not included:
• Flight to Vietnam
• Alcohol
• Lunch and dinner not listed in final itinerary
• Personal items
• Snacks

Registration is $5900. Previous clients: $5450. If you are a couple or have a roommate, there is a $500 discount per person for a double room.

Maximum group size: 10

For complete info about the trip and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/vietnam-photography-workshop/

Machu Picchu and Peru Photography Workshop

This is a paid workshop, please don't RSVP until you have registered and paid at https://bit.ly/3pVpkao

A Peru and Machu Picchu photography workshop is a must for every photographer. Also known as The Kingdom of the Sun, Peru is one of the most multicultural countries of Latin America due to the mix of native Indian, Afro-American and European cultures. Peru is a country where the traditional customs have transcended through the years and they are the basis for the current way of life. The mix of different landscapes and people is the reason why Peru is a country so interesting to visit and photograph.

Lima, The City of Kings, was once the scenario of the war against the Spanish conquerors, who came in a ruthless search for the gold that was hidden somewhere in Peru. However, their most wanted treasure was the Lost City of the Incas: Machu Picchu, which they never found. However, Machu Picchu is not the only highlight of Peru. We will also have the opportunity to photograph Cathedrals and Plazas in Lima, Cusco: the ‘Naval of the Earth”, the Sacred Valley with its many wondrous sites, as well as many small and fascinating villages and sites in-between. We are also very fortunate to have one of the best guides in all of Peru! One that has guided Hollywood stars, as well as having won multiple “Peruvian Guide of the Year” awards. Loren is working with fellow photographer Sarah McGarghan, a partner in a Peruvian photography tour company. They have handpicked our guides, all of whom speak great English and love to share their culture with insight and passion. We have an action packed itinerary planned but we are always looking for more opportunities and will make last minutes changes if needed.

The main trip is eight days through central Peru, we’ve added an optional three-day pre workshop extension so you can photograph the beauty of the capital city of Lima. For the main trip you’ll meet us in Lima and then we make a quick 80 minute flight to Cusco, which is included in your registration.

Who should attend:
Anyone interested in the Peruvian culture, ancient history and stunning landscapes will find this to be a memorable trip. Your photographic experience doesn’t matter, even if you shoot entirely with an iPhone you’ll come away with amazing photos. There will a good deal of walking involved, especially if you want to explore the towns and villages. We will be at high altitudes and we have planned the trip to give us time to acclimate. Rest stops, restroom breaks and meal times have been carefully planned. Loren and Sarah will be available at all times for professional photography instruction.

Main trip includes:
• Seven nights in excellent 3-4 star hotels
• All ground transfers by private bus or vans
• Entrance fees to sites as mentioned in itinerary
• Domestic air, including flights from: Lima to Cusco and Cusco to Lima
• Services of award winning guides and experts throughout the tour
• Guide & bus driver tips and taxes
• Meals as specified (7 breakfast, 6 lunch, 3 dinner)

Not included
• Round trip intercontinental air fare
• Passport fees
• Services, meals and drinks, including alcohol not mentioned in itinerary
• Meals not included: four lunches and seven dinners
• Tipping for these meals and housekeeping
• Optional extra days in Lima and related meals and transfer
• Laundry, telephone calls and expenditures of a personal nature
• Travel insurance
• Entrance fees at optional sites/activities

Maximum group size: 12

Regular registration: $4775
Previous clients: $4425
$300 discount per person for couples sharing a room

For full itinerary, more info and to register go to https://bit.ly/3pVpkao

There will be attendees who are not members of this Meetup.

Photographer Mentoring
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

This mentoring program is for photographers who want coaching, inspiration and feedback from an experienced professional to help fulfill their passion. Professional photographer Loren Fisher will challenge you to think more about what are shooting and why, thus assuring that you get better and more consistent photos each time you go out.

Loren has determined there are three levels of photography excellence. The first is technical, learning what your camera does and being able to make adjustments without doing much thinking. You have to feel comfortable with your equipment to make consistently good photos. Also in this phase you should be able to make your images look their best in the computer using Lightroom, Photoshop or something similar. This level is the easiest to learn although it can be the most intimidating.

The second level is seeing composition and light and be able to capture it in your photos. It requires studying the "rules" and knowing when to follow them and when to break them. Paying attention to art, design and other photography will improve your skills immensely.

The third level is sharing your soul. This may sound rather woo-woo, but there is a reason you can throw a bunch of skilled photographers in the same situation and a few come out with much better pictures than the others. They have learned how to open up and share what they feel through their camera. It is by far the hardest level to attain but it is something that is learnable. Loren doesn't believe some people are born with this ability, he knows they have learned to "see" in a way others haven't and it comes from their soul. We can all learn to do it.

You will work on whichever level you are at.

Reading books, watching YouTube videos and shooting on your own will only get you so far, you can learn photography faster by talking with and getting suggestions from a professional who has experienced all aspects of photography, both as a photographer and a photo editor. The problem with Google learning is that you have to know what questions to ask and you don't always know who is answering. You don't know what you don't know.

This is a three month program and includes five sessions. The sessions are in person or online, whichever is more convenient for you.

An important aspect of the sessions is doing critiques of your work. Critiques are essential to grow as a photographer and getting feedback helps you learn faster. Not only will Loren be giving you suggestions, he will show you how to critique your own work in a way that doesn't make you depressed! Like Loren always says, critiques are subjective and he doesn’t think everyone should shoot in his style, but he will raise questions that you can answer for yourself and help you grow as a photographer. Loren will encourage and inspire you while giving it to you in a straight way that helps you improve quickly. He may momentarily take you out of your comfort zone, but you will feel exhilarated when you reach new heights!

You will work on a personal project of your choosing. This can sound intimidating, but Loren is a big believer that it is easier to learn when you have a goal in mind that is concrete. “Getting to the next level” isn’t a goal, it is a dream and he will show you how creating a project, big or small, can increase your passion, skills and efficiency. If you are struggling with ideas, Loren will help you find a workable project.

When you are finished with your project, you will be able to create a book, gallery show, presentation or website of your photos, no matter if you shoot landscapes, nature, portraits, sports, fashion or documentary.

Loren was a photo editor for over 20 years, working daily with photographers to help them learn to see pictures in a different way, teaching them how to shoot photos with impact, how plan a shoot and come back with photos that would make them smile and feel good about what they have done. He knows when to push and when to praise, his style is to ask questions that don’t need an immediate answer but gives photographers something to think about as they plan and execute a shooting session. Photographers Loren worked with have consistently won state, regional and national awards and they avoided the burnout that frequently happens when people don’t get feedback or have anyone they respect to bounce ideas off of.

This photography coaching program is for you if:
-You are ready for a fun, exciting photography challenge and want to take better pictures.
-You’d like to shoot a project under the eyes of a professional photographer
-You’re ready to be challenged about how you think as a photography and why you shoot the things that you do
-You would love to have the insight of a seasoned, award-winning professional photographer and photo editor and would benefit from structure to help you learn photography and get to the next level.

Not only will we be talking about your photos, you will have assignments to look at images of pro photographers and you and Loren will break down those photos and discuss why they work or don’t. Loren's homework will be looking at some of your shoots between sessions and have constructive ideas ready for you. He will show you full shoots that he does, warts and all, so you can see his thought process.

Once you are comfortable using your camera, this mentoring is about creativity, thinking, shooting with intention and helping you determine where to go next. You and Loren will talk about seeing and shooting light, angles and advanced composition. But most all, he’ll share the fun and passion that keeps him shooting after 35 years in the field.

The price for the three month mentoring is $489, which includes five sessions that last up to two hours, plus email consultation between sessions. Like all Loren's programs, if you aren’t satisfied, he’ll give you a full refund.

A year long mentoring program is available for $1,600.

To learn more and to register go to: http://lorenphotos.com/workshops/photographer-mentoring/

About Loren Fisher
A photographer since 1978, Loren Fisher has photographed subjects as diverse the Olympics in Seoul, Korea, eagles in Alaska, transporting horses in a 747 from Germany, the 106 covered bridges of Vermont, in the dressing room with the Rockettes and backstage with Bruce Springsteen.

Loren has published two photography books: “Pope John Paul II: An American Celebration” which documented the papal visit to New York, New Jersey and Baltimore and “Branson Backstage” which looks at the phenomenon of 35 live music theaters in Branson, Missouri.

Crawling through the woods, donning waders in swamps and searching out what’s good is what keeps Loren excited. While he has traveled to 50 states and 15 countries, Loren loves to seek out the beauty that surrounds him locally.

Loren can be found displaying his work at art shows year round from Florida to Vermont. He teaches workshops locally and at great destinations around the world.

Loren started working in newspapers in 1978 as a staff photographer and worked for seven newspapers in Indiana, Ohio and New Jersey, plus USA Today as a photographer, photo editor and graphics editor. He was Managing Editor/Digital for two N.J. Gannett newspapers, the Home News Tribune and Courier News and oversaw the combined website.

In 1995 Loren created Elf Multimedia, which produces photography, video, audio and interactive projects. He is a past president of the New Jersey chapter of ASMP and is an adjunct professor at Rutgers University teaching multimedia and video in the journalism department.

To learn more and to register go to: http://lorenphotos.com/workshops/photographer-mentoring/

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