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Young Living's mission is not only to champion nature's living energy, essential oils but also to inspire individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance! We have an amazing spicy essential oil blend that is a favorite of mine. I'll be diffusing it all night as I talk about the business side of Young Living. Objectives: 1.) Learn about the business side to Young Living 2.) Learn about conscious language and how to prophesy with words!

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What we're about

This customizable event provides an opportunity for business training, recognizing achievements, and an inside look at new products while unifying members in striving for wellness, purpose, and abundance.


DMV Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Meetup is the place to be to learn about these incredibly diverse, powerful plant-based tools known as essential oils. My goal is to expose the true medicinal benefits of pure essential oils, demystify its usage, and make it a fun and sensuous experience for everyone to incorporate into their daily lives.

I cover topics such as: essential oils & self-love, self-care rituals, spiritual bathing, spiritual practices, chemical-free living, skin-care, beauty, emotional applications and, ultimately, overall holistic mind-body-spirit (and a whole 'lotta heart & soul) wellness!

In a time where it's difficult to find therapeutic-grade, authentic essential oils, I have decided to align myself with Young Living essential oils as I can ensure you that you are experiencing the best quality essential oils as nature intended when you attend a workshop or class.

Come alone or bring the clan, either way you will enjoy yourself and be welcomed with open arms :).

What is Lavender Junkie ? :

Lavender Junkie is a lifestyle brand that blossomed from a, creative, free-spirited, gypsy-souled, jane-of-all-trades' love of essential oils (esp. lavender ;)) and wildly grew from a passion to do #allthethings & a deep desire to help others boss up, disrupt the common narrative, live fully and make art of their lives in a way that embraces wellness in a balanced + holistic + fun way.

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Meet-ups Breakdown:

A. Essential Oil 101 : Classes are every week on Saturdays (usually 2pm, but the time and place can change from meet-up to meet-up). These classes are completely free of charge.

B. Essential Oil DIY : There is (at least ) one make & take/DIY class every month. In this class we will get out our oils and make cool & useful stuff with them. These workshops have a charge of $10-$15.00 to cover materials.

C. Essential Oil 102 & Beyond: These expanded knowledge classes happen (at minimum) once a month. These classes are a deeper dive into essential oils, its usage and Young Living's oil-infused products. Topics vary month to month. I recommend attending an Essential Oil 101 class beforehand.

D. Wellness, Purpose & Abundance: These classes just keep on getting better and better! If you've fallen in love with essential oils and the Young Living lifestyle, you can't stop talking about them and you want to share your passion with others. This is the place to be. In this class, I'll discuss the benefits of a Young Living business, how to share with others, how to get compensated & much more. (also known as YL Business 101). This class happens once a month.

E. Boss-up Business Workshops: These are interactive leadership trainings, personal development, book clubs all rolled into one! Did somebody say free therapy?! lol ;). Each month I offer free training for those who've decided to boss up and pursue Young Living as a business or want to get their toes wet and see what it's about. There will be recommended reading for each event. It's optional, but I will be covering major points from the recommended book. Bring: recommended book or/and a notebook!

F. Business Brunches - These happen quarterly because I love brunch and because it's a good place to connect over food with loved ones, team members. Discuss in a less-structured way what's going on in our lives & business. The good, bad and the ugly ~ there's absolutely no judgement here...just love, compassion and support. I'll lead the discussion with 3 questions: 2 contemplative and 1 silly, playful one. This will be held at different restaurants around the city or sometimes at a warm cozy abode.

G. Fun Get-togethers - Community is one of my deepest values and why I created this meet-up. These are held a few times a year. These are random events, some educational some are just pure fun, many nature-wellness themed. Sometimes they happen before or after a Business Brunch.

H. Live Your Passion Rallys - These are quarterly, high-energy full day events. This customizable event provides an opportunity for in-depth essential oil education, business training, recognizing achievements, and an inside look at new products while unifying members in striving for wellness, purpose and abundance.

PS: You will need to text me for a full address of any event that takes place at someone's home. Message me for my number. I'm always open to any suggestions and if you'd like to host a class or brunch definitely let me know :).



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