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What we’re about

Purpose of the group: You can only grow as a comedy writer by making new funny friends. We made this group to help you find funny friends.

Who participates: We welcome everyone! While we have a bunch of comics who have been writing for years, we also have a bunch who are brand new. All you need is a good sense of humor, you use it to write, and if you fail, you like to fail out loud. Please read all nine rules. We welcome everyone, but we might not be your cup of tea or bucket of vodka.

The rules:

1. If you are offended by anything, fuck you.

2. No personal attacks against other participants. We assume that everyone here is trying out material. Often, they don't know how to make it land or if it lands. We believe that everybody participates in goodwill. It's not fair to say, "you are _____ for telling that joke." It's fair to say, "you do know you will lose half of your audience with that joke, are you OK with that?"

3. We encourage everyone to workshop material. After all, that's why we run the group. We don't force anyone to participate.

4. If someone offers you a line or a joke, it is assumed that they are giving it to you exclusively because that's why we have the group, to help each other. If you are in doubt, ask, "can I have that joke."

5. No inappropriate sexual come-ons to a member of the group. If you mutually want to hook up, please take it out of the group. Have a sexy, fun time on your own.

6. If you use different pronouns, cool, you are welcome! But PLEASE don't assume we know what they are, and please don't be offended if we mess up. A few of us are old farts, and while we are sensitive and respectful, we just genuinely forget or are mistaken.

7. We give feedback! You can ask for the kind of feedback you want, but you can't control the input you get. Look at it this way, people in the group may hear something you don't. You want to listen to that part, too, don't you? (Refer to rule #1 for further guidance.)

8. No subject is off-limits. (Refer to rule #1 for further guidance.)

  1. The group host and co-host can kick out or ban anybody for nearly any reason. We seldom have had to ask people to leave. If you think we violate your "free speech" because we kick you, sorry that YOU feel that way. (Refer to rule #1 for further guidance.) You can be kicked out if you are just an asshole.