• Dive soon???
    When is the next dive? I am a first timer and would like to join up?

    Needs a location

  • Dumpster dive teams in Montgomery County, MD
    Who lives in Montgomery County? Who wants to start team diving?

    Needs a location

  • Lets dive this weekend
    Alexandria, Silver Spring. Etc

    Needs a location

  • Food Not Bombs - DC
    Hi Yall! Every Saturday afternoon a bunch of us get together to cook and share food with those in need at Franklin Square Park around 2:30PM. We collect/dumpster/forage foods from the week and create magical dishes! We are always looking for some new faces and many of us have interest and/or pursue freegan lifestyles. Please consider coming out to join and meet with us! We are proud to have served every Saturday for well over a year! Also, we have an FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foodnotbombsdc/ and a FB page: https://www.facebook.com/FoodNotBombsDC

    Needs a location

  • DC Freegan Potluck!!!
    Some folks (myself included) are a bit hesitant to take people that they just met to their favorite dives. But dumpster diving is always best as a team sport!! Wouldn't it be great to get to know other freegans at a potluck of purely dumpstered food?? Who's down??

    private house

    Park View · Washington, DC

  • Food Waste Fiasco to demonstrate food waste!
    Hello all! I am hosting a Food Waste Fiasco in DC this Tuesday at the National Mall. I'd love for you to come out for this peaceful demonstration against food waste! I have hosted 4 so far in Madison, Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland as I cycle across America and they have created a ton of awareness! Please join! And I am in need of help with dumpster diving tonight and tomorrow. Does anyone with a car want to go with me? Or have suggestions of where to go in the DC area? I would love to have your help! Call me at[masked] or email me [masked] more about my Food Waste Fiascos here: http://robgreenfield.tv/food-waste-fiascos/ and at the FB event at https://www.facebook.com/events/282721988598904/

    national Mall

    (7th and 9th NW on the grass, between Madison and Jefferson) · Washington, DC

  • capitol hill dive
    Hi all! I'm new to the group. Just wondering ... does anyone ever do a capitol hill / DC trader Joe's whole foods dive? Thanks!

    Whole Foods Market (Silver Spring)

    833 Wayne Ave · Silver Spring, MD

  • New meet up locations
    Hi everyone, Is there anyone interested in Prince William county or Fairfax county for diving? I live close by Trader Joes in Centreville, Va and would like to try going there or any other locations.

    Needs a location

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  • Silver Spring, anyone?
    Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and anything else you know of that's good. I'd like to get a group of folks to go weekly. Anyone interested? Words of warning: I don't own a car.

    Needs a location

  • Trader Joe's Fairfax
    My friend works there and will gently place the thrown object on the top.

    Trader Joe's

    9464 Main St · Fairfax, VA