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The group is for active Washingtonians in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who like to travel. Yes, we use the term "Gen X" very loosely - its more of a state of mind. :) Since we, as Gen X Washingtonians in our older/wiser age, tend to be more selective about where and how we travel, this group’s focus is on non-touristy, responsible travel (to local, domestic and international destinations).

Non-touristy just means high-quality trips to cool, distinctive destinations (e.g., Iceland) with lots of character, as opposed to the cheapest vacations to the same old touristy spots. Responsible simply means patronizing locally-owned hotels and restaurants so that we give back - the money you spend stays in the local community, which is not the case with most mass tourism that only works with the huge international chains. Our broad definition of Gen-X means people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, so our goal with the age preference is simply to bring together folks who are in the same general age bracket with similar high quality values and adventurous spirit.

Besides our guiding principles, we go wherever we want to go! Near and far, domestic and international, beach and city, mountains and lakes, adventure and relaxation, day trips to two week getaways and everything in between. This is our travel club and it’s all about us! So if you like to travel to cool, fun places and are looking for like-minded, new friends to travel with, then this is the group for you!

How do we decide where to go? Easy… while we’ll offer some trips, and we’ll chat about locales of interest at local meet-ups. Our local meet-ups are a fantastic way to get to know each other and the oh so many neighborhoods in and around DC. Always new places to check out and many neighborhoods to keep up with… so might as well check them out with new friends and do some travel planning at the same time! We also can do other types of quality, local DC outings (e.g., walks/hikes, volunteering) to keep in touch, continue our travel ideas and build lasting friendships with our fellow city and metro neighbors.

After running this meet-up group since 2013, we have learned a few things we feel are important in building a high quality meet-up community. Namely clear membership profile pictures, answering questionnaire, and RSVPing to events only if you seriously plan to attend. Why are we now incorporating these rules? We are asking for clear profile pictures to help us recognize you…. asking for the completed questionnaire so we can better serve the community… and asking for accurate RSVP’s to help us plan accordingly, manage events and ensure fairness for outings that require an accurate head count. These are some easy breezy requests which will go a long way to help us create an even better meet-up group.

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