What we're about

Join the Washington DC Meetup Organizers Group to network with other organizers, to collaborate and exchange ideas, and to improve and promote your own Meetup group.

We will meet periodically to discuss ideas on increasing member attendance, collaborate with other organizers on venue sharing or doing joint events and work collectively to achieve sustainability with periodic fundraiser events.


Membership is open to all current Meetup Group Organizers and/or Meetup Group Co-Organizers in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia).

It's not all about discussions and meetings, and we will have plenty of fun events and activities along the way, given that organizers are very interesting and enterprising people. !!!

Organizer Meetups are peer-to-peer groups. Meetup HQ does not run this Meetup group in an official capacity, and generally doesn't monitor, review, or control any events or other content before it is posted. Meetup events are run by local community leaders and not administered by Meetup HQ (unless otherwise noted).

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Coffee Chat: Encouraging Leadership in Your Group

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DMV Organizers Networking in DC - Challenges & Solutions

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DMV Organizers Networking Event in Virginia

Needs a location

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