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The DC Metro Nature & Landscape Photography would like to share its passion for photography with other like-minded photo enthusiasts. Our Meetup Group will be hosting photography related events such as field trips, workshop programs, speaker events, and other activities intended to help photographers of all levels come together and enjoy the many rewards that photography has to offer. Photographers of all skill levels who are looking to improve their skills, find new creative outlets for shooting, or just to connect with a friendly group of people to socialize and talk shop are all welcome to join.

Our intention is to concentrate on three areas of photographic interest. These areas are:

1. Field Trips: While we do intend to offer field trips to the usual destinations that offer a rich variety of photo ops, we have no intention of stopping there. We will seek out unusual and extraordinary destinations that will offer a wide variety of photographic adventures. We intend to offer same day field trips, weekend field trips and somewhat longer photo adventures designed to accommodate wide and varied interests.

2. Workshops: We intend to periodically offer a variety of presentations by an assorted cast of experts, in the field of photography, who have something unique and unusual to share with us. Generally, these presentations will be scheduled on a weekday night and will run for about two hours.

3. Extended Workshops: We also intend to periodically offer half day and/or full day workshops presented by an assorted cast of experts, in the field of photography, who have something unique and unusual to share with us. In general, these workshops will present subject matter that cannot be presented easily in an abbreviated two hour session. In many instances these workshop will utilize well known speakers sponsored by well known companies in the photographic community.

We are limited only by our imagination and your willingness to support our efforts.

Everything connected with this Meetup Group will be conceived, planned and managed by photographers for photographers.

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How to use a Photo Light Box for Creative Flower Photography

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How to use Photo Light Box for Creative Flower Photography Flowers are popular subjects for macro photographers, especially when the photographer is new and just learning about color and shape, light and shadow. I was no different when I was a beginner. As an avid gardener, my first passion gave rise to my second: flower photography. As I practiced, my photography skills improved and I learned how to enhance images in post processing. But I found I was still limited by factors I couldn't really control, such as weather. Just try and get a tack-sharp focus on a windy day. There's not much you can do to fix lighting issues on a dreary, rainy day. and it can be hard to get the right angle on a flower whose stem is still attached to its roots. To overcome this, I would bring my flowers indoors and with the use of a light box, I could create arrangements that helped me convert my pretty garden snapshots to beautiful fine art. Choosing and Arranging Your Flowers Choosing the right kind of flowers and arranging them properly is very important when photographing flowers to highlight their translucency. Look for flowers with petals that allow light to shine through in order to make the most of back light. In my experience, the best kinds of flowers for this are calla lilies, tulips, daffodils, peonies, magnolias, poppies, irises, dogwood, cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, and alstroemeria, among others. Consider other kinds of subject matter that allows for translucency, as well. Vegetables, insects, glassware, cellophane, leaves, and the like can make for some really interesting images. Photography Composition I suggest starting with photographing single flower, then small arrangements (2 or 3), and slowly graduate to arranging 15 to 20 or as many as you can fit on the photo light box. Equipment If you want to get the most out of your photo light box photography, it’s important to have a DSLR that shoots in RAW format. It’s not that it’s impossible to capture good photos using point and shoot or smart phones, especially if the images are only going to be published on social media. The on-line presentation will include the following topics: Photo Light Box Camera and Lenses Other Equipment Lights Budget-Friendly Tips Camera Settings Post-Processing in Photoshop For Outdoor Flower Photography

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