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IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of May 11, 2016 this meetup group will conform to new policies announced by Meetup.com HQ pertaining to photography.

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Adult photography groups that are primarily positioned for the creation, development, or sharing of pornographic or racy photographs are prohibited. This includes groups offering racy modeling opportunities, and those intending to create and distribute nude, racy, boudoir, or glamour photographic content.

Guiding principles

Meetup was not a platform created for the creation, development or distribution of racy or pornographic content. While we respect a wide diversity of human interests and content, there are other platforms that are more clearly intended for, and better at supporting those goals.

We also want to make it clear that Meetup is a place for safe and consensual community building. We identified that several of the communities being built around this interest and this content do not align with our platform and our community goals.

Groups with adult photography events scheduled

Groups not primarily intended for adult photography, but instead focused on a skill-set or photographing other diverse, and non-graphic subject matter are allowed on Meetup. However, groups that currently have upcoming events related to glamour, nude, racy, pin-up, and boudoir photography are required to remove them and refrain from hosting these events going forward in order to continue using Meetup.

In order to remove these events, please do the following: ...

​- Remove content (http://www.meetup.com/help/article/2417454/) in your group related to these Meetup activities. This includes topics, titles, description, and Meetup group photos..."

Thank you for your understanding.

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This Meetup presents workshops and classes that provide experience and instruction in fashion photography and model portfolios. The purpose is to give members hands on experience working with models in a photo studio and also provide classroom instruction. Discussion topics include camera settings, studio lighting, interacting with the model, use of wardrobe and makeup, the photographer's role in managing a photo shoot, and using Photoshop and other software to create high quality images.

Workshop attendees will enhance their understanding of studio lighting, be able to practice with a model in a live setting, and will learn about pre and post production processes.

The Meetup is open to all levels of photographers who want to enhance their knowledge and experience in fashion photography. Models who are seeking photographers to work with to expand their portfolios are also welcome.

Each hands on workshop can accommodate up to six (6) photographers. Classes can accommodate up to ten (10) individuals. Workshops may be held in our Washington DC or Annapolis, Maryland locations.

Workshop instructors are skilled studio fashion and model portfolio photographers. They wants to share their knowledge and understanding of photography and help others enjoy this exciting field.

We also are affiliated with several other photography meetup groups which you may wish to join and with which we will cross-list events:

http://www.meetup.com/The-Carriage-House-St... (http://www.meetup.com/The-Carriage-House-Studio/)

The Carriage House Studio and Gallery in the historic Logan Circle Arts district of Washington DC features a fully equipped studio run as a cooperative, and intended to support free lance, art or serious hobbyist photographers. Each month the studio also offers a variety of workshops in the areas of studio lighting, fashion, figurative/fine art nude and portrait photography.

http://www.meetup.com/Chesapeake-Bay-Photog... (http://www.meetup.com/Chesapeake-Bay-Photography-Workshops-The-Cattail-Studio/)

The Cattail Studio (CTS) offers a totally different setting and appeal than workshops and studio in the DC Metro area. Located in a waterfront setting on the Chesapeake Bay south of Annapolis, surrounded by 30 acres of woodlands and marshes, this is really a great escape for those who want to have the option of either shooting indoors in a staged on-location setting with all the equipment in a regular studio, or with the assistance of the studio staff, visit nearby rural settings in the area.

WORKSHOPS: A monthly series of photography workshops conducted by our photographers provide instruction on studio lighting, portrait, fashion and street photography photography, as well as digital workflow. We also have a registry of models and makeup artists that are users of the studio, to facilitate putting creative talent together for member's projects. For our current list of workshops visit: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/carriage-house-studio-photography-workshops-10819893767

PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY: We hold photography exhibits at our Chesapeake Bay PhotoWorks (http://www.cattailstudio.com/)gallery in the Annapolis Design District, featuring both photographers who are part of the Carriage House Studio, as well as other talented photographers. Recent exhibits have included fashion, figurative and urban/street photography and we have a on-going program of future exhibits.

PRINTER & PHOTOSHOP FACILITIES: Chesapeake Bay PhotoWorks (http://www.cattailstudio.com/) in Annapolis also features a complete digital MAC workstation, with Photoshop CS4, iMovie, Garage Band and a 20" Cinemascope monitor, and 44" inch Epson 9900 and 24" Epson 3800 printers. We offer workshops on printing, as well as one on one sessions with photographers who want to print their color or black and white work on Hannemuelle, Ilford, Epson papers, as well as canvas and other materials.

SOCIAL MEDIA: We are continuously working to offer our community of photographers new and more powerful ways to promote, share and develop their photography skills.

Please visit us and sign up for information about our workshops, photography exhibits and social events at: www.dcphotocoop.com (http://www.dcphotocoop.com/)

To subscribe to our mailing list and receive updates and special offers for our events go to: http://eepurl.com/b1HGmP

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