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As we all know, finding a practicing Muslim for marriage has become incredibly difficult as dating around and hookup culture have become commonplace. My hope is that through various public activities, young single Muslims aged 25-31 can meet up and get to know one another in a halal low pressure environment.

Open to any and all activities as long as they’re halal. I want this to be a fun group! Please read the conditions to join carefully:

1. Please join only if you are serious about marriage.

2. This group is open to people from all races and sects of Islam.

3. This group does not tolerate inappropriate behavior such as: physical touch, sexual comments, flirting etc. the goal is for young Muslims to get to know one another in a way that is natural but not against the laws of Allah.

4. Please do not join if you drink, take drugs, etc. although there is absolutely no judgment towards people who live this lifestyle, this group is specifically for people who struggle to find Muslims who practice the religion. At minimum, Muslims who join should be following the five pillars of Islam to the best of their ability.

5. Open to Muslims who wear or do not wear hijab. Wear or do not wear Niqab. And open to Muslims who to choose to dress however they like. Judgment isn’t tolerated here.

NOTE: if at any point in time, you like a sister or brother during these gatherings, please do not hesitate to exchange numbers but keep in mind that Allah is watching. Also, early on parents should be aware of this interaction so as to ensure that this group remains pure. I also ask that you get to know one person at a time. This is again, to ensure that we are being respectful of one another and trying to be as sincere as possible with our intentions.

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