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What we’re about

Washington Outdoors Adventures (WOA) for 20s and 30s is a social fitness group in the Washington, DC area geared towards all who want to get outside and enjoy nature throughout the year. This group is a great way to network with fellow adventurers.

WOA main focus is day-hikes, backpacking or car camping trips, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), kayaking, 5K obstacle races, and Tough Mudders. Occasionally, we will plan international trips, beach trips, attend festivals, go to wineries or breweries, or other fun activities.

WOA does not consist of trained hiking experts. We are all volunteers! We create events based on our own passion and love of adventure, as well as wanting to get outside while we can. You are responsible for your own actions while attending WOA events.


Please read and understand our core requirements(see below) before submitting a request to join.

You must provide a real photograph of yourself as your profile photo. Organizers and Members must be able to recognize you on the Event pages. If you post a group photo, then it must be clear which person is you.

By joining, you agree to release your right to take any legal action against the Washington Outdoors Adventures (WOA) for 20s & 30s and its Organizers from any responsibility, liability or claim in law or in equity. Individuals are responsible for their own actions when attending WOA events. Some events, such as multi-day trips, require submitting a signed liability waiver.

The events have varying degrees of difficulty. Please read the entire event description before committing. Some events may have non-refundable fees and/or costs associated with them.

For hiking and backpacking trips, we use the hiking rating system from

Easy: A walk in the park. Barely any incline or hills to overcome.
Moderate: Some varying degree of inclines and declines.
Hard: Very strenuous hikes and experience required in handling intense situations, e.g., rock scrambling, steep inclines, stream crossings, etc.

Organizers set a specific time and attendance limit for every event to maximize participation.

RSVP "Yes" if you want to attend an event before RSVPs close. If you would like to join the event after RSVPs have closed, please contact the organizer.  The organizer may allow you to join, at his or her discretion. Please change your RSVP to “No” if you cannot attend an event. Please do not wait until the last minute to change your RSVP.

Please be on time for the events.  Late cancellations and “no showing,” (which includes arriving more than 15 minutes late) creates an inconvenience for everyone involved and prevents starting the event on time.

Effective September 24, 2019: Members who consistently cancel last minute and/or “no show” three times may be removed from the group.

We may post photos from events in which you will be tagged. If you do not want to be included, please ask us not to take your photo.

If you know about an awesome place for hiking or camping or have ideas for a fun activity, then please message the Organizers.

We take complaints seriously, e.g., harassment, stalking, violence, illicit activities, reckless driving, etc. These situations should be brought to the attention of the Organizers as soon as possible.

However, accusing someone of being “too talkative” or “creepy” are not valid complaints. If this happens, Organizers may choose to monitor that person and may hold off taking additional action until more evidence is produced, or the perpetrator behaves inappropriately.

If you ignore these requirements simply to join the group, you will be declined or banned.