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Herkese Merhaba!

This group is for anyone interested in Turkish language and culture. Whether you've been studying the language for years or you just started, all levels are welcome as well as native speakers of course! Come hang out, practice speaking, make friends, and learn from each other.

Görüşmek üzere!

- James


Here are a few learning resources that have been invaluable to me and I highly recommend:

• iTalki (https://www.italki.com/)- This is a great place to find affordable private teachers/tutors to learn Turkish or just about any other language.

• Forvo (https://forvo.com/languages/tr/)- Forvo has voice recordings of most common words and phrases. This is especially helpful when learning the pronunciation of a language, because you can search for a new word and hear a native speaker pronounce it.

•Turkish Pronunciation Advanced Rules (http://jameswaltz.net/static/Turkce/telaffuz-notlari.html) - This is a little guide I put together to help myself understand some of the ways that the vowel and consonant sounds in Turkish change within different words.

• Barış Özcan (YouTube) (https://www.youtube.com/user/b31416) - YouTube is a great resource for listening practice. Barış Özcan's channel is especially good. He speaks very clearly and not to fast, and I find his video topics are always interesting.

• Turkish Subtitles (https://www.turkcealtyazi.org/) - You can download Turkish subtitles for many movies and TV shows here. This is great if you want to read and study the dialog in a show before watching or rewatching it.

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Let's Meet and Speak Turkish

Ankara Restaurant

Let's Meet and Speak Turkish

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Let's Meet and Speak Turkish

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Let's Meet and Speak Turkish

Ankara Restaurant

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