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The official DC Zcash group, supported by Zcash (https://z.cash) and The Zcash Foundation (https://z.cash.foundation). This group is for anyone interested in Zcash technology and cryptocurrencies to learn, collaborate, and engage in dynamic discussions.

Zcash is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash payments are published on a public blockchain, but users have an optional feature to use shielded transactions to conceal the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction.

Learn: https://z.cash (https://z.cash/) | https://z.cash.foundation (https://z.cash.foundation/) | https://zcashcommunity.com (https://zcashcommunity.com/)

Discover other Zcash meetups: https://www.meetup.com/pro/zcash-foundation/

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