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Bangalore city is generating enormous quantities of waste every day. Our landfills are increasing, our lakes are foaming up and catching fire and our roads are becoming dumping grounds .

Is this where waste is supposed to go once it gets out of our houses ?How can we ensure that minimal waste leaves our houses? Can we reuse/recycle waste within our housing societies/layouts?

Let's help people understand and promote the importance of disposing garbage in the right manner by educating them about the various ways in which it can be done. Let's question establishments, authorities, public intellectuals to find solutions to waste disposal.

Let's get together to organize a waste management awareness drive in apartments/schools/enterprises across Bangalore to sensitize and inform people of the various ways of disposing garbage. Let's meet at one location and plan the activities we can organize and other logistics. If you have an innovative idea on how you will make your surroundings more environment-friendly we'd love to hear it and take it forward.

Let's get hands-on with waste eating away our beautiful city and help revive Bangalore's cleanliness!

The bomb is ticking and we need to get moving!

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