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Do you enjoy Drawing or Acrylic painting, but have never experienced Watercolors?

Our Handshake events land in different cities at different times to shake your hand, share this wonderful painting medium to you as a catalyst, a spark to your ultimate growth as an artist.

All levels of eagerness to learn are welcome!

These eye-opening single Handshaker's session introduce you to the free-moving and inspiring ways of Watercolors. Learn about control and serendipity of, respectively, the two mainstay techniques of watercolor – wet-on-dry deep-glazing and wet-on-wet washes. Like no other medium, observe and learn how to initiate, then, allow watercolors to, in its signature fluid motion, do most of the work for you!

All the supplies in these Handshake events will be provided and you’ll take home your first watercolor endeavors as reward.

These Handshake events are primers to three-session Journeys in Watercolor Painting classes. of which, your instructor Clyde San Juan, welcomes and encourages you to widen the palette of your skills beyond a single session, where you can hone your skills further, compose your own suite of projects and unleash your creative motivations. Add spirit, visual contrast and style to your other artistic expressions in journaling, stamping, scrapbooking, multi-media and illustration. The knowledge and sensibilities you will grow, with each session, can even be used to broaden your foundations in Acrylic Painting!

For more information, just email Clyde at crookedtrails@hotmail.com for info and scheduling of your own three-session block(s) of Journeys in Watercolor Painting.

Come and delight yourselves in this hands-on/demo event and look forward to new events in the coming year!

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Orange-Morning Watercolor Pencil Demo Session + tie-in to Hilbert Art Viewing

Come join the Handshaker's Group as we exercise our watercolor pencils at the famous Orange Plaza Square Park (the Circle of Orange) + if you choose, tag along to enjoy the wonderful viewing opportunity of awesome art at the Hilbert Museum, directly afterward (see my parallel event, Sept. 20 meetup at 11 am at the Hilbert Viewing). During this early morning sketch & demo, experience a little taste of bygone day life on the "roundabout" when transports of California Oranges frequently ran east and west on Chapman Ave. back in the days when Orange County was mostly orange groves. Meetup time: 8:30 - 10:30 am at this iconic landmark in Old Towne Orange. $15.00 per person. Demonstration on the direct and advantageous use of watercolor pencils as a transitional medium from drawing to watercolor painting. Bring a guest and your fees will be $10 bucks each. Bring your, sketchbooks, watercolor paper grade journaling books, blocks, and your favorite watercolor pencils. You can also work on expressions of your own kind while the ambience of the morning graces us. You can also bring watercolor paints for on site execution, if you like. After the session, you can either proceed with the Handshake group to the Hilbert Museum at 11 am, OR, you can explore to your fancy the many offerings in walking distance around the plaza. The City of Orange is historically known as an antique hub in the OC and has also become a haven for eateries ranging from Thai to Tacos, Coffee and Gelato to Micro-brews, Cuban to BBQ and even more Tacos. http://www.orangereview.com/ enjoy Orange's farmers market on saturdays: https://orangehomegrown.org/

Hilbert Museum Art Viewing ~ California Scene Paintings + Current Exhibit

Hilbert Museum of California Art

Join the Handshakers Group ~ creatives in search of new learning and insights, always with abundant aesthetic joy as our rewards. We'll gather at the Hilbert Museum in beautiful Orange, CA to view the current show "Gifted" and signature pieces from one of the most comprehensive collections of "California Scene Painting" anywhere. If you have enjoyed our Watercolor Pencil meetups at the Orange Plaza, this is another great reason to explore the allure and history of Old Towne Orange. Please see my parallel meetup at 8 - 10:30am, the same morning, where we'll have a watercolor pencil sketch & demo session at the Orange Plaza, with a tie-in option to continue to the Hilbert meetup at 11 am. For those who love watercolors & illustration, this will be a real treat. Gaze into these glimpses of a period of art that will enlighten you to how CA was in the days when OC was primarily orange groves and working artists, from all over the world flocked to work for the burgeoning industries of Walt Disney and the Hollywood machinery. All the while, amassing personal works that you will see in these collections characterizing an amazing synergy betwixt commercial & fine art motivations influenced by the undeniable CA ethos of the day. Afterward . . . we're all free to explore and partake in the many venues and foodie hotspots around the plaza. So come and enjoy the morning art, become inspired and then, check out old towne for yourself. creative regards, clyde san juan https://www.hilbertmuseum.com

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