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WHAT: A place for crafters to meet, eat, and share creativity. Every month will offer AT LEAST one Craft & Chat, but other opportunities to meet and collab will also be made available as appropriate opportunities arise :).

What is a Craft & Chat? It is one night a month set aside to work on your crafts in the company of other creative people. You can bring your own project, or work on a project in a group (these will be decided by our group members). Each evening will include a potluck dinner at 5p, and then crafters are welcome to stay until 10p. You will be asked to RSVP for each event, as there will be a limit of 15 people per event (to start). A no-show policy will be enforced if our group becomes so large as to always have a waiting list, or else I will open it up to two nights per month :)

WHO: Anyone who enjoys crafting and either 1) wants to make new friends, 2) is looking for inspiration and encouragement, 3) wants to learn something new and has something they can teach, and/or 4) just needs a place to get away and get something done.

HOW: As long as your project is portable, and doesn't make a permanent mess (as crafting will be done in my home), you're welcome to bring it :) Anyone interested in teaching something new is also welcome to do so, and we can have group lessons available as the interest arises. I, for example, can teach crocheting, cross-stitch, and have many other cool crafts I've done that anyone who wants to can do together. This is NOT a place to come to learn crafting - you must already have a craft-skill in place and projects you are interested in working on.

WHERE: My home - I live in Waterford, close to the Crescent Lake Inn.

WHEN: The first Sunday of each month. Potluck will start at 5p, and crafting will continue until 10p. Preference will always be given to those who participate in both the potluck and crafting, as this is an evening of sharing :)

WHY: Because I love to craft, and just moved here from California, so my crafting friends are very far away :( Also because it's a great excuse to make sure my house is clean at least once a month - ha!


1. If you RSVP, you are expected to participate in the potluck and to show up with your dish, craft supplies, and a good attitude ;) The link to a Potluck Signup Sheet will be sent out to all attendees prior to the event.

2. You will be reminded to update your RSVP, and a change from "yes" to "no" should be received at least two days in advance, unless there is an emergency, to give those on the waitlist an opportunity to participate, with enough notice.

3. No-shows will not be tolerated - sorry. Courtesy WILL be "common", and our Creative Crafters should be able to look forward to kindness, consideration, and a sharing of creativity from all other members :)

4. There will be no selling of any kind, but you may bring things you've made to share during our potluck time only (5p to 6p) - and these will be stored back in your car during crafting times :)

5. Discussion topics will be limited to those that would be considered friendly and non-controversial. Intolerance in any form will not be tolerated (the only intolerance allowed is the intolerance of intolerance ;)

I think you'll agree that most of these "rules" are simply common sense and common courtesy. They are listed here only to foster and promote a safe and comfortable place for all of our Creative Crafters. It is my hope that we will be considered one of the warmest and friendliest groups of individuals - and, within this "safe haven", to provide opportunities for fun, creativity, and lots of happy memory-making :)


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