What we're about

We believe AI is an up-and-coming core competency for developers and tech companies. Our mission is to grow Waterloo Region’s AI capabilities in both development skills and the practical business application of AI. The focus will be on introducing developers to AI concepts and tools, leaders in organizational structures and companies in the practical AI use in their products.

We will do this through two streams for different audiences:

• Enthusiast (business) Stream (know about AI): Terminology, team structures, shortcomings, costs, cool things with AI, etc.

• Practical (technical) Stream (work with AI):Tools that work, shortcomings, workarounds, hackathons, implementation

With both audiences coming together for combined events once a year.

We will do this by:

• Building a community to distribute existing knowledge and new knowledge through content, Speakers, Panels, workshops, getting together, hackathons and competitions.

• Focusing on theme areas to distribute practical knowledge (ie. theme of content/video for followed by speakers/panels/workshop)

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AI group kick-off

Communitech Hub - Area 151

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